Everybody knows that Neem products are wonderful for any kind of skin and health problems. And that’s why Neem referred to as a Village Pharmacy, therefore it has been utilized in India for thousands of years. Amazing, isn’t it?  

Neem is a well-known plant from ancient Ayurveda and has been a part of traditional remedies. No wonder it’s an effective antiviral, anti-bacterial and antifungal herb with powerful immune stimulants. 
Antibacterial properties found in neem products works wonderfully on infections, burns, acne, pimples, various skin problems and infection. All in all it stimulates the immune system and accelerates the healing process. 

To begin with let me tell you one thing. Neem products are jam-packed with beauty benefits as well as health benefits. Most important it is often utilized in the form of oil, juice, paste & powder. So here are some amazing ways to use Neem leaves for skin, hair and health. Can’t miss this. 

Good bye Acne with Neem face pack

Basically, anti-acne + antifungal properties of Neem dries out the zits and removes excess sebum production and furthermore helps to fade any kind of acne scar. Furthermore, it exhibits antibacterial properties that keep skin free from pimple-causing bacteria and thus reduce acne.


Firstly take 10 -15 fresh Neem leaves 
Secondly, grind them, make a paste 
Thirdly, apply it on the acne till it dries out
Lastly, wash it off with normal water

From time to time apply the paste to the affected area till acne dries out and acne scars start to fade. 


Or if you are a working person and don’t have time to create home remedy, by the time you should use Inveda’s Acne Treatment Kit. It will give guaranteed results equally like Neem paste. 


2. Neem Oil Ban, Blemishes! 

Neem products not only removes acne but does wonder in removing acne marks. So effective in healing dark spots and acne scars. Specifically, its soothing properties make Neem a well-known scar remover. Moreover, Neem paste smartly and surely fades the acne scars and removes blemishes leading to spotless skin and improves the overall complexion in no time.

DIY – how to use Neem leaves for face

Altogether you need Ingredients such as – 1 tbsp. Neem Powder + 1 tbsp. lemon juice + few drops of rose water 

Step1. Previously mix the above ingredients in a clean bowl and procure a thick paste.
Step2. Secondly apply the paste on the affected area, once every week 
Step3.  Later on rinse with water and moisturize with Papaya & Hibiscus moisturizer


3. Perfect Dandruff Remover!

As I have noted that dandruff irritates a lot and excessive dandruff ends up in Hair fall and acne. Are you still continuing to struggle and didn’t find any solution to get rid of dandruff. 

To conclude I think, Neem oil is best for hair- Particularly it’s antifungal and antibacterial properties soothes dry itchy scalp, reduces dryness and moreover moisturizes the scalp and maintains the pH level. 


4. Soothes Sensitive Skin 

Undoubtedly, Sensitive skin irritates and gets red easily. The high content of inflammatory properties and high concentration of fatty acids soothes irritated skin. Neem oil is marvellous in treating eczema which is responsible for redness.

First of all mix Neem oil with any carrier oil which suits your skin and apply on the affected areas twice every week for 15 min then wash it off and apply Inveda Kumkumadi Cream later before sleep.


5. Fights signs of ageing

Another benefit of Neem is remarkable. It is choked with antioxidants and various moisturizing agents like vitamin E and triglycerides which are the best in keeping signs of ageing at bay. 

In detail, wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin all are caused due to overexposure and UV radiation. But Neem oil and paste reverse the signs of ageing and rejuvenate skin with perfect elasticity and maintain radiant and youthful skin forever.


1 tbsp. Neem Powder + 1 tbsp. Sandalwood Powder + 2-3 tbsp. Rosewater 

Step1. Mix the ingredients and obtain a thick paste, 
Step2. Apply the paste on to the clear dry face and leave it for 15 min, 
Step3. Wash it off and apply 2-3 drops of Anti-Wrinkle Blend before sleep.


Benefits of Neem leaves for hair- Effectively Promotes the growth

Now, this is important for you if you are still finding difficulty in growing hair. In short Neem paste strengthens the hair follicles and simultaneously reduces hair fall which in result provide long lush thick hair in no time. 

As long as you use Neem oil and Neem hair mask it improves the overall hair texture making them soft and fungus free for sure. Also, it promotes healthy cells that stimulate blood circulation leading to long black voluminous hair.

Neem Oil Prevents premature greying


If you noticed that your hair is turning black to grey then immediately apply Neem paste/ oil together with yoghurt to prevent the cause of grey hair. The antioxidant formula of Neem and yoghurt balances the hormones. Not only it reduces the consequences of stress but controls the hair damage. 


If you still finding difficulty in getting Neem paste then apply Inveda’s Hemakesa Hair Regrowth oil, 21 in 1 formula contains jatamansi, neem, amla, bhringraj in conjunction with many natural herbs to eliminate the ill effects of dandruff, greying, thinning, baldness & hair fall similarly as the Neem paste. 


As you all know market is flooded with Neem capsules, powder and Neem cream. It is equally important that you can choose according to the skin and start using it to get the best benefits.

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