Save your hair strands – these common styling, hair care, and lifestyle habits are thinning out your locks

Hair loss affects millions of men and women around the world, so you should never feel alone or ashamed; There is no need to panic at the first site of hair loss. Right after the diagnosis, it’s easy to be fooled by many hair products that claim to offer hair re-growth. Discover the bad hair habits that you must break.

Growing Your tresses too Long.

When I noticed for the first time that my hair was thinning and receding from front, I thought, like most people, that if I grew them longer then I’d easily be able to cover up any bald areas or thin spots with ease. The problem is that growing your long hair adds weight and stress to your roots. Longer hair will also reveal your bald scalp faster. For women, a medium cut will give the best results.

Washing your hair every day.

As I kid I believed that I had to wash my hair every day so as to have clean and healthy hair. The problem is that too much shampoo or conditioner daily destroys the natural structure of your hair. However, I do am not against daily hygiene. But what I’m saying is that it’s perfectly healthy to seldom wet and soak your hair while showering without using shampoo or conditioner every time.

Brush your hair until you feel they are perfect.

Brushing your hair too much is actually putting lot of stress on your hair. Use your hands and fingers to design your short hairstyle. Style with the natural pattern of your scalp. You will feel better and you will feel more confident

Bad nutrition

It can be frustrating to hear that your mother, your father and your teachers are always right when they say that being in good shape and good health is necessary to eat well, because thin hair is often the first indicator of a deficient diet. A balanced diet with adequate portions of meats, fruits and vegetables will help strengthen your hair. You will also feel better physically. Men and women over 30 often need a little more help with vitamins. It is thought that the lack of iron and vitamin B is a factor of hair loss.

Doing Nothing about Hair Loss

Denial is the biggest mistake you can make if you really want to minimize the effects of hair loss.

Finally, stop avoiding hair loss restoration products. You can have better hair by taking better care of yourself today and getting the help you need. You can switch over from chemical products to ayurvedic products and the best recommended is ayurvedic skin care & body care products from Inveda.

There may be a medical reason for your hair loss, such as alopecia or deficiency of the thyroid gland. Work stress can also be the cause.

Anyway, the first step is to admit that you have a problem. The second step is to consult someone like a doctor who has more information than you about the causes of hair loss. Always try to discover the real facts and solutions of a doctor with a medical certificate and let him help you find the solution that best suits your needs.