Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on improving the quality of life and not just the body. It has a great impact on the body and mind. This art is highly practised nowadays due to the long-lasting benefits.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a form of exercise to some people while it is a way to reach great spiritual heights for others. In a real sense, it is a combination of skills that help one gain expertise over the body and mind. Yoga is helpful in aligning the mind with the body completely.

In India, it is an art that almost every great saint possesses. It is taught in schools and in yoga centres to help people attain peace in body and mind. There are lot many benefits of yoga for the human body. It doesn’t only affect the body but also the approaches and behaviour of mankind. Thus, yoga is the complete transformation of body, mind and soul.

Learning yoga is a process with several stages. Every stage should be given enough time and be learnt with patience. It is mostly done early in the morning on empty stomach. Some of the asanas are best done in the presence of Sun and Fresh air. It takes care of the body issues like a natural medicine and takes care of the skin issues just like the best natural skin care product. It is not magic but the mystical use of natural elements.

Types of Yoga

There are many types of yoga which can be practised. Every type has its own value and is used for treating many disorders. There are many types of yoga that are carried out in various parts of the world.

Some of the most popular types are

1.  Ashtanga Yoga

2.  Hatha Yoga

3.  Jivamukti Yoga

4.  Kripalu Yoga

5.  Kundalini Yoga

6.  Power Yoga

7.  Restorative Yoga

8.  Bikram Yoga

Why choose Yoga?

Yoga has the power of healing the body and mind. It unites the physical, mental and spiritual state bringing the body at peace. Calmness and relaxation are the primary benefits derived from Yoga.

Some other benefits are as follows

1.  Counters fertility issues

2.  Good for the heart

3.  Get rid of lung problems

4.  Makes the body flexible and increases the strength.

5.  Improves memory

6.  Increases focus and concentration power

7.  Improves blood circulation

8.  Rejuvenates skin and brings a beautiful glow to the skin

9.  Manages blood pressure levels

10.  Better functioning of glands

11.  Manages stress and relieves depression

12.  Better sleep and improved nervous system

The best part about yoga is that it can be practised by the people of all ages. It can even be practised during pregnancy to derive best benefits. Every asana has many benefits to add to a person’s overall well-being. It is practised by taking care of natural elements. Nothing artificial is involved in Yoga. But it should be done after taking proper training or under guidance. Practice yoga to stay healthy & beautiful!