Dark circles are black or bluish half circles under the eyes. These circles give a shallow look to the face and withdraw attractiveness from the face. It is a skin condition caused due to many issues. These days it is primarily caused by overexertion and too much exposure to electronic gadgets like a computer and mobile phones. The light of these gadgets is responsible for the pale look given to the face.

Other than these gadgets, there are some reasons that contribute to this skin condition. Even when one doesn’t even use these gadgets a lot can be the bearer of dark circles. This can be a little hard to understand but there are issues that can worsen the situation in dark circles. Some of these issues are lack of nutrients in the daily diet taken, too much caffeine, hormonal changes, genetical issues, etc. In order to reduce these dark circles, one needs to know the reasons behind them.

Here is a list of reasons behind dark circles

1- Signs of ageing– With the growing age, dark circles become a prominent skin issue. It begins with the dullness of the skin and darkening the under eye areas. These are the symptoms of slowing down of youth and becoming old. The best way to fight such ageing is to apply the best anti-ageing cream. A natural under eye cream with the goodness of herbs can really help in this situation.

2- Bad habits– Habits make a person. The type of habits a person has can tell a lot about a person’s health and appearance. Any human with good habits has a healthy body and the ability to fight with the growing age, diseases and any kind of body issue.  
Dark circles are the result of bad habits like smoking, late night waking up, drinking habits, etc. In case you have these habits, quit them and see the result on your face.

3- Makeup– Ladies love to deck with makeup and stylish clothes. Too much of makeup can also lead to dark circles. Applying makeup is good but if you become lazy to remove the makeup, it can worsen the skin. Dark circles are the result of the residue of makeup that stays behind because of improper cleaning of the skin. 
Make sure you use good quality makeup and remove it at the appropriate time. Remove the makeup with a makeup remover. Wash your face with a natural cleansing gel or face wash. Use a moisturiser after washing the face.  This can reduce the dark circles.
4- Not enough water– Our skin becomes pale and dry without water. A healthy body needs lots of water. A healthy skin stays on a healthy body. If you do not drink enough water, it can also be the reason behind your dark circles. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep your skin beautiful and fresh. Leave the dark circles behind with 8-10 glasses of water daily.

Now that the reasons behind the terrible dark circles are known to you, take the steps and make your face free from dark circles. Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!