The human body has many needs. Some of them are fulfilled only by exercises. It is essential to give the body the required amount of exercise to derive the best work and keep the soul happy & satisfied.
There are many exercises that can be done by the body. Running or walking is the easiest and simplest among these exercises. It is so because there are not many things required in it. Just a few basic things and you are ready to run. Pair of running shoes, a water bottle or energy drink and there you go leading towards a healthy lifestyle.
Other than being a simple form of exercise, it is also a healer of many diseases. It can bring down the levels of sugar and blood pressure as well. It can also prevent the occurrence of deadly diseases like cancer.

Read below and find out what more can a good run provide to the body-

1. Reduces Weight– This is the main benefit derived by people who walk or run. It is suggested to daily go for running or walking to maintain the body weight in check. Every dietician suggests taking healthy fruits and vegetables along with minimum 20-30 minutes of walk. This helps in burning calories on a daily basis and keeps the body healthy.

2. Bone strength– This might feel a little odd but it is true that the bones in our body become stronger when we keep up the habit of walking. A good walk keeps the weight in check and helps in better body posture. Sitting back all the time does not really involve much of bone movement. While walking, joints get some movement and become stronger.

3. Slows down ageing– As we grow older, thebody starts becoming weaker. With the growing age, signs of ageing become prominent and affect the skin, body and hair. Manufacturers are taking advantage of this natural phenomenon and launching supplements to keep the body young. In fact, these signs are visible even on the skin in the form of blemishes, dark circles and dull complexion. The sweat released after a good walk gives out the toxins and makes the body healthy. It prevents these skin issues. A natural anti-ageing cream, good amount of sleep, healthy food along with an hour of walking daily slows down ageing and keeps you young for a longer time.

4. Happiness– A good walk can make you feel happier and better. It takes away the stress and relaxes the brain. This is the reason doctors suggest regular walks to deal with sadness & depression. It is not any sort of magic, it is just that body releases hormones like endorphins, that make us happy. 

Thus, we can clearly state that a habit of regular walk keeps the body healthy, active, stress-free and beautiful. A single habit can help the human body so much. Do not think anymore, just go ahead with a good schedule and manage time for a 20-30 minutes walk. Increase the time when you get used to this healthy habit. Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!