A sugar scrub is a product that can clear off the dead skin cells and keep the skin healthy and smooth. It can beautifully clear the skin and freshen it up. The exfoliation quality of the scrub makes it a product good enough to use regularly for all types of skin.

A sugar scrub is enriched with the goodness of avocado or olive oil, silk protein and but of course sugar. The oils nourish the skin, silk protein repairs the damaged skin and sugar removes the dead skin and flakes from the skin. This combination brings smoothness, shine and suppleness to the skin.

1. Cleans PoresSugar scrub deep cleans the skin and the skin pores. Clean pores prevent many skin issues like blackheads, acne, pimples, skin blemishes, wrinkles, etc.

2. Acne and Pimple– Acne and Pimple are the result of impurities, dirt and extra sebum deposited in the skin pores. This accumulation can be cleared up by using sugar scrub regularly which in turn provides a clear pimple free skin.

3. Non-irritating– The sugar scrub is one scrub that is gentle on the skin and would not lead to any sort of skin allergies or irritation. It is simple to use and is recommended for all skin types.

4. Removes dead skin cells– The accumulation of dead and dry flakes on the skin makes the skin look dull and damaged. If not cleaned properly, it can be further responsible for signs of ageing. Sugar scrub helps in easy removal of such skin cells which in turn leaves the skin of the face rejuvenated and healthy.

How to use a sugar scrub– 

Step 1– Clean your face with a cleanser. 
Step 2– Take some sugar scrub on the palm.
Step 3– Apply this scrub all over the face and neck gently in circular motions.
Step 4– Massage gently for few seconds.
Step 5– Rinse it off with water.
Step 6– Pat dry and nourish with a natural moisturiser.

The reasons mentioned above make natural sugar scrub a must buy product for all. It can be effortlessly used at home and give you the looks of a goddess. Do try it once! Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!