Seasons are not same all the time, from summers to rainy, fall and cold winters, it changes. Apart from these changes it brings changes to your lifestyle, routine and diet as well. But why to stick on the same routine all year round? As winters have arrived, you need winter skincare routine which can help to maintain your skin’s hydration level and give it the glow it needs. While home remedies are available online, you can try out the best selected out for you to give the natural glow that your face needs!

Some tips to follow in your winter skincare routine for hydrated skin 

As dryness and flakiness is every skin types’ issue during cold season, here are some simple tips for winter skincare routine that you can keep in mind while taking care of your skin.

Use Face Mist/ Steam frequently to maintain hydration levels

If you have extreme dry skin or prone to, keep facial toners or mists handy so that you can spray and get instant hydration and refreshing feel to your face. You can try nano moisture sprayer which is easy to use and carry anywhere and the best thing about this sprayer is you can mix your favorite cream or serum to boost up the benefits and get added hydration to give dewy glow to skin.

Use lukewarm water for showers and hand washing

Long and steamy showers may seem appealing when it's cold and windy outside to get warm feeling, but too hot water can dry up the skin making it flaky and itchy. Instead one can choose to shower with lukewarm water and end it with cold water to avoid dryness. Also, while doing chores and washing hands, it is better to avoid using hot/warm water and switch to cold so that skin’s natural oil/sebum is maintained.

Gentle/Fragrance-free cleansers to maintain skin’s oil & pH

Fan of skin soaps? It’s time to ditch them and get gentle, hydrating and fragrance-free cleansers. For winters, get cleansing gel or oil based cleansers to gently clean your face without leaving it dry. You can try Inveda Moroccan Argan Cleansing Gel that helps to retain your skin’s moisture and keep it soft and add glow after cleansing your face.

Avoid Alcohol-based skincare products

Alcohol tends to strip your skin’s natural oil and dry out. Thus, it is advised to use non-alcohol based products to ensure your skin maintains adequate hydration and stays healthy. While you might be thinking about good and bad alcohols, it is wiser to get to know brief about the right ingredient and choose skincare product wisely according to your skin type. 

Get softer and even toned glow this winter with these DIYs to try at home

People often try to seek natural solutions first that comes right from their kitchen to get skin that looks young and beautiful. Here are some of the easy-peasy DIYs that you can try to get hydrated skin and body to incorporate in your winter skincare routiner: 

DIY 1# Easy Face Cleanser at Home

Ingredients – Gram flour (besan), sandalwod powder (Chandan), kaolin clay, rice flour.

How to – In a jar, mix 3 tbsp all of the above ingredients. While washing face, wet it water to make a thin paste. Gently massage this paste on face & neck and wash it off with lukewarm/cold water for natural glow. Moisturize on your damp skin afterwards. This cleanser helps to rejuvenate and get rid of dead skin unveiling healthy and glowing face. Keep it in dry place. This mix can be used within a month.

Video Instruction:

DIY 2 #Facial oil for Golden Glow

Ingredients – Geranium Oil, Almond Oil, Orange essential Oil, Avocado Oil

How to – Mix equal parts of carrier oils in a dropper bottle and add few drops of orange essential oil. Apply 2-3 drops of this oil before going to bed and gently massage. This oil will help your skin to unify its tone and repair your skin while you sleep. Store it in dark and dry place. Use it within period of 14 days for best results.

Video Instruction: 

DIY 3 #Body Whitening & Polishing Pack for Even Toned Skin

Ingredients- Gram Flour, Wild Turmeric, Sandalwood powder, Coffee, Almond oil

How to – Add 4-5 tbsp gram flour, ½ tsp wild turmeric, 2 tbsp Sandalwood powder ½ tsp coffee. 2-3 Tsp Almond Oil. Add rosewater/raw milk to make paste. Apply it on body (hands/legs) and let it sit for 10-15 mins. Wash off and apply hydrating lotion. This polishing pack helps to buff dead skin and unveil the natural skin tone by brightening and whitening skin making it hydrated and glowing.

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DIY 4 #Instant Skin Brightening Formula

Ingredients – Papaya, Rolled Oats, Honey

How to – In a bowl, add 1-2tsp mashed ripe papaya, Add 1tsp soaked oats. Drizzle honey and mix it generously to make good paste. (Add raw milk/water if desired)

Apply it all over face & neck and let it site for 5-10 mins. Gently massage while taking it off to give exfoliation benefits on face. Wash it off and moisturize with hydrating serum or cream for smooth and even toned glow.

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DIY 5 #De-puff Under Eye area and Reduce Dark Circles

Ingredients- Cucumber Juice, Inveda Pore Minimizer Toner

How to- In a jar, Add 3-4 tsp cucumber juice and spray 5-6 pumps of pore minimizer toner. Add 10-12 cotton pads and let it soak the solution. Keep it in refrigerator for cooling effect. While using it, let the cotton pad sit on your closed eyes for 5-10mins and you can see instant de-puffing effect and reduced dark circles from everyday use.

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Let’s Conclude

It is easy to tackle skin issues and problems when you know about the ingredients and right way to use the products. The given above DIYs and hacks are easy to use and get rid of dry skin in winters but when you have no time, you can try Inveda’s Winter Skincare routine combos and range that consists of skincare products that are curated with natural ingredients that enhances your skin’s tone and texture making it healthy and naturally glowing!!