New trends emerge every other day and you feel excited? Ever thought about how your skin will react to new product and routine which always takes shiftsto the changes? It’s time to think about your skin and take care of it by this proven skincare trend that seems to win over hearts of all. Skin cycling! It is as simple as applying right ingredients and products for rejuvenating your skin.

Okay, let’s start with the basics of this skincare cycling and how you can avail the benefits making your skin barrier healthy and get rid of skin issues. 

What is Skin Cycling?

New trend which is now routine for most of skincare junkies, skin cycling is just basically repeating the products with adding breaks. In to recover skin and help to get rid of skin issues. Those with oily skin, for example, may need to exfoliate more frequently to see results and get rid of dead skin making it visibly brighter and smooth. 

How to “Skin Cycle”


Now you know what skin cycling is, each skin cycle lasts four nights, and while your regimen will vary depending on your skin type.After your cleanser, alternate between a chemical exfoliator, retinol, and a skin repairing moisturizer nightly to look at amazing results.

The main ingredients in a skin cycling routine are retinol, AHA, and BHAs. In the recovery days, hydrating creams with skin repairing ingredients should be used to repair the skin barrier. It helps to restore cell membranes, as well as hydrating serums like hyaluronic acid to boost the elasticity of skin.

Stick to this skin cycling schedule for utmost results:

Night 1: Cleanse your skin with hydrating cleanser so that it won’t strip your skin’s natural oil. Apply chemical exfoliants AHA or BHA and moisturize.

Night 2: Cleanse your face & neck properly. Follow up with Retinol (if you are seeking natural alternative, Bakuchiol is best for all skin types). Hydrate after applying retinol.

Night 3: Cleanse and fix your routine with hydrating and skin repairing products such as Hyaluronic Acid serum

Night 4: Follow up the routine with hydration and skin barrier repair making your skin look super healthy and refreshed.

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Pros & Cons of Skin Cycling

The goal of skin cycling is to reduce the adverse effects of many active chemicals - the fewer often you use a product, the less possibility of a side reaction! To avoid irritation, we suggest putting retinol between two layers of moisturizer for hydration and skin treatment.

Skin cycling offers several advantages:

  • This routine allows one to get the most out of the exfoliants and retinoid that one uses on skin. The cycle prevents you from overdoing these components.
  • This method of routine will assist two types of individuals the most: those who are overwhelmed by all of the items and are unsure where to begin, and those who currently utilize skincare and how to make best out of it.
  • Skin cycling prevents you from overdoing it with actives because a portion of this technique is designated to allow skin to repair, hydrate and rest.
  • This skincare regimen allows you to make minor adjustments based on your skin type. Skin cycling is beneficial to people of all skin types.

Cons of skin cycling:

Despite the many benefits of this form of skin care routine, there is one major disadvantage:

  • It takes time to show difference on skin. When starting any retinol, AHA, or BHA-based product, you may see redness, dryness, or flaking on skin which can be irritating for some.
  • The side effects might continue up to two weeks, although the recovery days are meant to minimize discomfort.
  • For sensitive skin, some people complain about irritation and extreme dryness, thus using products with lesser concentrations will enable one to avail benefits of this skin cycling routine.

Concluding that...

Skin cycling is a new trend in the skincare cheat sheet which allows one to create their own personalized routine. It also focuses on repeating products to achieve their skin goals. However, there is a reason why skin cycling has been so popular recently, as individuals have realized that using more products does not automatically correlate to better or healthier skin. 

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