Younger looking skin is desired by all. A healthy body contributes a lot to youthful skin. The unhealthy habits, environmental issues, poor nutrient diet and stress are contributing a lot towards reducing the glow and beauty of the skin. Dull and unhealthy skin tends to appear old and aged easily. In such situations, the question arises that how to maintain the glowing look and youthful skin?

We have the answer to this question with these tips to look young

1- Eat healthy– Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can do alot more than beauty products. A healthy body can keep up the healthy skin. Go with a clean diet regularly. Avoid junk food. Also lower the intake of oily foods, carbohydrates, and fatty foods. Take more proteins, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins. These nutrients repair the damaged cells & make the body and skin healthier.

2- Drink more water– Water is the liquid that keeps up the better working of the human body. Make sure that you take in at least 2 litres of water daily. A dehydrated skin looks dull and damaged. Feed your skin with more and more fluids. If you do not like tasteless water, add fruits to it. This water not only makes the body hydrated but also removes toxins from the body.

3- Cleanse, exfoliate, nourish– A daily skin routine is needed to keep the skin clean, beautiful and youthful. Make a habit to cleanse the skin daily with a natural face wash. Exfoliate the skin with a sugar scrub or walnut scrub at least twice a week. Keep the nourishment level high with the application of a moisturiser after every wash.

4- Protection from the sun– The rays of the sun contribute negatively to the skin. Signs of ageing become easily visible due to the overexposure of skin to the sun. Dark spots, blemishes, wrinkles, sunburns and tanning are the common problems associated with sun exposure. The best way to protect the skin from thesun is to apply sunscreen before moving out in the sun. Reapply sunscreen time and again to keep up the protection.

5- Exercise and rest-Regular exercise helps in maintaining the suppleness of the skin. The release of harmful toxins is done through sweating at the time of exercise. This brings a beautiful glow on the face. While rest, on the other hand, takes away the weary and tiredness from the body which in turn results in afresh and rejuvenated look. Workout regularly every three days a week. Sleep for atleast 8 hours at night. Limit the level of stress in your life. Laugh more. Watch tv series and read books that make you happy. Meditate daily to rise yourself in terms of beauty & health.

6- Use good quality products– Money cannot save your skin if you want to invest in cheap natural beauty products. Always buy good quality products irrespective of the prices. Keep the composition of products in mind. Prefer paraben-free beauty products. In case, you find such products unaffordable, use natural remedies at home. 

Use these tips to look more beautiful and younger even with growing age. Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!