The term BB cream stands for beauty balm or blemish balm. It is a type of face cream formulated to complete the makeup requirements. Along with the makeup requirements, it moisturizes the skin, protects it against the sun and pollution, and reduces spots and blemishes. Nowadays, it is one of those premium products that every lady requires.

Why use a BB cream?

Who doesn’t want an easy way to look good? Flawless skin complexion is something that ladies dream of day and night. A natural bb cream helps in accomplishing this dream. With the growing age, increasing population and high levels of stress, beauty is at stake. Skin begins to show breakouts which leave scars behind. The complexion becomes dull and signs of ageing become visible at a very young age.

To fight all these issues, women need a skincare product that takes care of their skin, a makeup product to hide the spots, blemishes and wrinkles, and a beauty product that enhances the glow and beauty on the face. A bb cream is a product that contains the qualities of these three products.

Who can use a BB cream?

Since a bb cream is a beauty product, it can be used by all those who need to make their look perfectly beautiful.

1- Any girl or lady who seeks to conceal marks, spots or blemishes can use a bb cream. In case, it is a natural bb cream then it is completely safe for use as it does not show side effects.

2- All those who consider sunscreen as an essential skincare product, can use this cream as it claims to protect the skin like a sunscreen.

3- All those who prefer light makeup and do not want the sticky & greasy look can use this cream. Bb creams are usually very light to apply and do not contribute much towards making the skin oily.

How to use a bb cream?

It is quite a simple task to use this cream. Unlike other creams, it has non-greasy texture, good fragrance and easy application formula. Take some cream at your fingertips and massage it evenly all over your face. Apply extra cream to the areas which need the foundation effect. Make sure that it is even on all areas of the skin to avoid a patchy look.

Our recommended-

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