Skin is the largest organ of our body and we need to take care of it just like any other body part. Choosing products according to our skin is an important and difficult task. For this, one needs to know one’s own skin type. After knowing the skin type, find out the need to use the skin products. A complete analysis of the skin is required for dealing with the skin. Plus the skin type changes over time so we need to get to know more and more about our skin.

So let me tell you about various types of skin-

1- Normal Skin- This type of skin is the skin that has all the contents in a proper ratio. The contents include water, lipids and skin oils. Normal skin can use all types of products without any difficulty as this skin is not very sensitive. It has proper pores which are not quite visible. The complexion is also good and radiant. When placed a tissue on the skin, there are no traces of oil on the tissue which shows that the oil and sebum content is not excessive in the skin tissues. Normal skin is usually very soft, smooth and supple.

2- Oily Skin- As the name suggests, this type of skin has a large amount of oil content. Usually, oily skin is easily prone to pimples, acne and blackheads. The oil content is excessive in the T zone. T zone covers the forehead, nose and the chin. The secretion of excessive oil leads to the clogging of pores. It is important to clean the skin gently thrice a day with a mild cleanser. A natural cleanser is more suitable for this type of skin. Cleansers with chemicals can adversely affect the skin as the chemicals can result in even more secretion of skin oils. The secretion of oils is due to the hyper active sebaceous glands. A toner should also be used to minimise the size of pores by the people with oily skin. You can also opt for herbal packs like Neem face pack for treating such skin.

3- Dry Skin- Dry skin lacks nourishment, moisture and essential amount of oil secretion. The pores of this type of skin are not much visible. The complexion stays fairly dull. The skin becomes easily damaged due to lack of moisture and thus requires moisturisers and butter creams. Dry skin can get easily affected by the weather situations, excessive use of soaps and face washes and hot water.

4- Combination Skin- This type of skin is difficult to manage as it is a combination of oily and dry skin. The oil is excreted majorly in the T zone i.e. the forehead, nose and the chin whereas the other areas stay dry. One needs to treat this type of skin very gently. Use more of natural ingredients to treat the skin like homemade face packs. Every region of the skin needs different treatment and so natural products are suitable for this type of skin.

Now you can find out your skin type and treat it accordingly. Keep Smiling. Keep Glowing!