Our eyes complete our look and enhance our persona. Vision work is not the only function performed by our eyes. Eyes make us look beautiful and give us an attractive appearance. The way we set the makeup of our eyes, influences our personality. Eye makeup should be chosen carefully as per the occasion and the outfit to be worn. So we shall discuss here the makeup process for the eyes.

Following steps should be followed in order to let your eyes be the center of attraction.

1. Perfectly shaped eyebrows- Eye brows highlight the shape of our eyes. Perfectly shaped eyebrows give perfect look to the eyes. Neatly trimmed and nicely outlined brows are required to enhance the beauty of your eyes and give a catchy look.

2. Makeup- Makeup used on the face should be applied evenly on the skin around the eyes. First, apply a moisturiser. Then use a primer or concealer on the lids and around the eyes. Now apply loose powder to make a platform for blending the eye makeup.

3. Eye liner- Start outlining the eyes with an eye liner. There are many types of liners available these days in the market. The variety includes gel liners, sketch liners, pencil liners and liquid liners that are applied with a brush. Choose the one which you can easily apply on your eyes. Coloured liners are also very popular these days. Those who are bored of the black colour can easily use different appealing colours like turquoise green, sky blue, creamy white, etc.

4. Mascara- Eye mascara is used for enhancing the eye lashes. It is also used for highlighting brows at times. The mascara provides dark colour and dense look to the eyelashes. Apply this cosmetic after applying the liner. It needs a little time for drying up. So make sure you do not move your eyelashes up and down just after applying mascara.

5. Eye shadow- Eye shadow has an alluring effect on the eyes. So it is an important part of eye makeup. Eye shadow is also the key ingredient for attaining smoky look. One must have the required brushes for applying, smudging and spreading the shadow on the upper part of the eyes. Choose the colour carefully as per your skin complexion. Nowadays shiny bright colours like shiny blue, silver, etc. are in trend, so can also choose such colours.

6. Kajal- Kajal magnifies the size of the eye and gives a dramatic look to the face. It is always required when one needs to provide extra detailing to the eyes. Different colors are also available in various brands. Try to use organic Kajal as eyes are really sensitive and need good care.

Complete your eye makeup by removing excess amount of shadow with the help of a tissue. You can even apply BB creams instead of primers and concealers. Make sure you stay in a well-ventilated place so that humidity and sweat don’t ruin your makeup procedure. Always use Cleansing Milk or Makeup Remover to remove the eye makeup before going to bed.

Hope you will love your eyes with the makeup on! Keep Smiling. Keep Glowing!