Time and tide wait for none’ is a proverb used for telling that everything needs to be done on time or else one becomes late to cope up with the time. This is an apt proverb for the people who don’t take their skin care routine seriously. If you cannot understand the worth of timely skin care routine you might never have enough time to take care of your skin.

With the passage of time, the complexion and texture of the skin need special treatment. Skin becomes dull and shows premature signs of ageing if not treated on time. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind to give proper timely nourishment to the skin.

1. Relax- Our body needs rest and peace of mind to function properly. So is the case with all its body parts including skin. We need to pamper our skin and nourish it deeply to get the desired glow. Give a salon or spa break to relax your skin.

2. Sweat it out- Sweat out all the toxins with exercise so that you get a clear and brighter complexion. The skin pores get cleaned after sweating. Follow a cleansing procedure after sweating to deep clean the pores.

3. Get some sleep- Our skin is highly affected by a power nap or good hours of sleep. Along with the skin, our mind too gets relaxed and uplifts our mood. When you feel good, looking good is quite natural!

4. Good Makeup- When you keep on using cheap makeup with degraded quality, skin reflects dullness, dark spots and blemishes with the passage of time. If such make is used for longer period of time, it will not be easy to bring the skin into better condition. Stop using cheap makeup because as the time increases, the symptoms of damaged skin increase.

5. Skin Care Routine- A daily routine should be followed to attain better skin. In case you are too lazy to follow such a routine, make sure to get timely beauty treatment where natural beauty products are used. This can help your skin look fresh and rejuvenated.

6. Stop the cravings- Whatever we eat has its impacts on the skin. We generally crave for food with too much oil and fatty stuff. In such a case, one needs to understand that feeding skin with nutritious food is important to get flawless skin. If you do not stop fast food carvings, sooner or later you surely will face the harmful effects on the skin!

As mentioned earlier time and tide waits for none and so realise the importance of time and get going as soon as possible or else it can be too late to begin! Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!