As the name suggests a balanced diet is the combination of food items in a balanced form. When a meal includes all the nutrients that are required by the body, that meal is considered to be a balanced diet. Now the question arises why do we need to have a balanced diet?? How does it help our body, skin and hair?

People generally drink milk, have tea, eat fruits and vegetables. Despite taking all these things, a majority of the people lack some or the other nutrients. The small skin issues and hair issues faced daily are the proof of the deficiency of such nutrients. People keep on focussing on beauty products, products from Ayurveda for good health, hair and skin. But the reason behind all these problems stays the same because the focus is not shifted to the root cause i.e. food.

A balanced diet must consist of all the nutrients i.e. vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals.

Now let us discuss what to eat to get all such nutrients altogether in a single meal.

Here is the food plan that can help you out in having a balanced diet.

1. Breakfast- Eat a king-size breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. It is considered the most important meal as the body gets food after a long interval of night. This meal should contain all the nutrients.

What to eat- One must take a fruit during breakfast. If you do not want to eat fruit you can opt for a fresh glass of juice. This fulfils the vitamin requirement.

Then an egg omelette with bread is just fine to get protein and carbohydrates to keep you energetic until the next meal.

For those who do not like eating eggs can go with a light meal like poha or uttapam or sprouts with lots of fresh veggies in it and a big glass of milk.

I personally suggest not to take oily parathas or fried things early in the morning.

2. Between breakfast and lunch- A fruit can be welcomed at all times. Take in lots of water and a fruit or dry fruits during this time.

3. Lunch- Lunch needs to be a little colourful. Take in all the colours like pulses for protein, vegetables for vitamins, curd for calcium, rice and chapatti for carbs. Do not forget the salad! It is very important to eat salad along with the meals for better digestion of food. Try to eat chapattis and rice in moderation.

4. Evening snack- Try to eat a fruit again. In case you don’t want to take in more fruits, go for a cup of green tea. It will keep you refreshed and active. Plus the antioxidants will keep the body healthy and skin more glowing.

5. Dinner- This should be a beggar’s meal. Eat the least amount of food during the night. You can eat pulses, vegetables and a chapatti at night. Try to eat dinner before 9 p.m. It helps in the better digestion of food.

When you get all the nutrients in an adequate amount it will be easily shown on your skin and reflected in your hair! Lesser hair issues and slower signs of ageing along with healthy mind and body are the benefits of taking a balanced diet. Keep Eating healthy and keep smiling!