How to remove sun tan from face? Finding before a beach trip is obvious. You become more prone to sunburns and tans on the shore than any other place. Summer is the most wonderful time of the year- going to the beaches is loved by all. Displaying kindness for your skin while bathing in the sun and listening to the waves is obvious.

Your quest for how to remove sun tan from face – Here are some of the expert tips to save your skin.

Apply sunscreen- 

  • How to remove sun tan from hands. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen before heading out to the seashore. Moreover, it decrease the risk rate of skin cancer and aging by limiting the time of exposure. So, take other sun protection measures as well.

Protect your lips- 

  • Previously, protect your lips by applying herbal moisturizer with good SPF content. Actually, it is one area that should be hydrated as well as moisturize.

Apply and reapply- 

  • Basically, reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. Use water-resistant sunscreen while taking a dip in the ocean. In fact, reapplication of sunscreen is extremely important.

Use umbrella-

  • If you are not going to take a dip in the ocean then cover yourself under an umbrella. Moreover, you can stick an umbrella into the sand and cover yourself under it. Because applying sunscreen alone is not enough. So, add other credentials as well for sun protection.

Make-up free day-

  • Go make-up free all day as you are reapplying sunscreen in every 2 hours. This is much more enough.

Summer accessories- 

  • Wear minimum accessories in summer. Provide protection to yourself from UV rays by wearing sunglasses and a cute hat. It will definitely add style to your overall look.

Pack some essentials in your bag- 

  • Keep some important handy skin care and make-up products post day. After spending a long day on to the beach you might feel partying out with friends



  • Keeping moisturizer in your tote is a must. Once you are done with cleansing step apply light weight moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

Cover-up the redness- 

  • You might see red after spending a day out. Cover this redness with concealer or BB cream. Try to use BB cream with natural ingredients.

Apply mascara- 

Create a dramatic look by applying gel-based mascara to your lashes.

Be glossy- 

  • Add a tint of favourite color to your lips. Try to be glossy and classy