Anti-aging products must not only revive but also regenerate your skin. Collagen creams are an essential part of a well-balanced skincare regimen that provides the skin with the essential protein it needs to stay soft and supple.

We cannot take you to the fountain of youth, but a pot full of anti-aging collagen the cream comes in at a second close, do not you think? In a few weeks, the natural collagen present in the cream fills, plumps and reduces wrinkles, so that the skin appears and looks younger.

About Collagen

Collagen is a general term for a group of structural proteins. These proteins make up at least 25% of your body’s total protein content. There are about 30 different types of collagen, but types I and II are the most abundant and account for 90% of your body’s collagen.

The term “collagen” comes from the Greek word and means “glue”. Scientists usually refer to collagen as “the glue that binds everything together”. Indeed, collagen is what structures the skin, joints, bones and connective tissue. It’s production peaks when you are in your early 20s and begins to decline at 30 years. This leads to the first visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and muscle loss. Fortunately, there are ways to increase collagen production and taking collagen supplements are just one.

Marine collagen

Marine fish collagen peptides are an emerging functional food that promotes the homology of human collagen production.

Marine collagen peptides, obtained by enzymatic digestion of fish skin, have been shown to have many health benefits. They are a safe, biocompatible, highly powerful supplement that can give our skin a youthful glow. The benefits of Beauty Products supported by the science of marine collagen revolve around two main areas: it improves metabolic function and repairs skin/hair/bones. Anti-aging creams containing collagen have all these benefits for the youthful glow. Inveda’s PREMIUM ANTI AGEING & WHITENING CREAM with 10% collagen has been clinically proven to erase wrinkles and gets you to beautiful skin.

Effects of Marine Collagen on Delaying Skin Aging

Collagen is a popular ingredient for skin care. Applying it directly on your skin improves elasticity and firmness. So it would be great if you put it directly on your skin in the form of cream.

Premium anti-aging & whitening cream is a rich, fast-absorbing cream with the power of collagen with the antioxidant benefits of vitamin C., It is also formulated with a concentration of nourishing oils.


As we age, our production of natural hormones decreases considerably. To make matters worse, the microcirculation of blood in our skin diminishes as we get older, depriving our skin of the small number of natural hormones our body still produces.

Just as there are proven ways to accelerate skin degeneration, there are now documented methods to prevent and reverse it. The aging of the skin, especially the face, is associated with a gradual increase in looseness of the tissues and a reduction in elasticity. With age, the skin becomes more fragile and susceptible to trauma. So if we want to look young & beautiful then we must act in time and should start using creams to protect & enhance your skin.