Cica? Cica? The Word “Cica” is everywhere right now, but what is it and what does it do? Best Cica products for skin are here! So, disregard cucumber and aloe for a sec.  Cica is ostensibly perhaps the most quieting and impressive underrated skincare ingredient we are aware of. Basically, Cica, It’s complete name is Centella Asiatic, and called Gotukola, Indian Pennywort, Brahmi or Spade Leaf – an old retouching plant is making a bounce back in the front line science.  With a master understanding of the best cica products for skin, we’re separating what Cica is and how it drives mad skin glad. 

First of all, let’s discuss what is Cica? 

Cica is KOREAN beauty’s favorite ingredient. Cica is not an ingredient nowadays rather it really has a long and prominent history in skincare. “Centella Asiatica, or Cica, is a spice that has been consolidated into medication and skincare since antiquated occasions. This fixing is utilized to diminish redness, irritation acne, pores, and even alleviate bargained skin. It likewise helps in injury recuperating — [including cuts, scratches, stretch marks, and dry or harmed skin] — and is known to expand collagen creation.” 

Verifiably, Cica has been one of those fixings — like hyaluronic, Vitamin E, and certain organic concentrates — that is unobtrusively found in numerous items however in any case goes unseen. Notwithstanding, in the course of the most recent year or thereabouts, it’s been getting the promotion it merits 

Who is Cica Good For? 

Since Cica is a particularly alleviating and quieting skincare fixing, it’s particularly key for individuals who need to feed, hydrate, and mend their harmed skin in no time.  Strangely, K-Beauty has truly accepted it as of late as a result of how well it checks the impacts of natural toxins. On the off chance that you manage dry environments, city contaminations burn from the sun, windburns, or sensitive skin, at that point it is an astounding fixing to consolidate into your routine. Additionally, since it animates

Collagen creation, it assists with firming and treating wrinkles with ease. Consequently, you’ll see it in a huge load of hostile to maturing items, also. 

If you want to experience the best skin results then try Cica Healing Kit by yourself!

In case you’re prepared to give Cica a go, start with one of these items that put the fixing in the spotlight.  

Why we choose Korean Ingredient Cica for your Care!

  • K-Beauty ingredients sustain and purifies the skin at its best
  • Balances the Skin’s pH balance
  • Supports and help to ace the effects of other skincare products
  • Changes the skin texture by injecting life to it
  • Additionally called moisturizers, K-Beauty ingredients are wealthy in fixings that hydrate skin instead of free it of dampness

Inveda’s CICA Healing Kit  – MIRACLE COMBO OF RECOVERY – First time in India! 

best cica cream for sensitive skin


The extravagant Korean + Ayurveda Concept, First time in India by InvedaInveda Cica Healing Kit imagines the way of thinking of consolidating Ayurveda with Korean innovation for multiple times quicker mending for faultless energetic skin. It enters further into the skin, thinks the skin surface during the evening, and structures a saturating film, consummating an agreeable and hydrated skin. Furthermore, it fabricates protein that lessens pigmentation, kills maturing, and elevates collagen to mend, sustain and saturate profoundly without stopping up your pores.

Inveda brought into the world with the way of thinking of saving youth, the Cica Healing reach means to rejuvenate, reinforce, and light up the skin. Our items structure with the best ingredients including our extraordinary skin-recuperating cica recipe. 

We accept everybody merits first-rate skincare that is both feasible yet successful. We don’t add substantial expenses like numerous brands out there. Also, rather than conveying our image, we guarantee more youthful, more splendid, more joyful skin with this exceptional Cica Range. 

Our items are produces using quality fixings sponsor by both nature and science. Inveda is the essential brand in India to predicate the idea of Korean Formulation with Ayurvedic idea. With solid skin data gathered over numerous years. Inveda presents its items for all ages and all skin types. Additionally, ensures the best results for fantastic smooth skin that every woman aches for. 

CICA HEALING FACE WASH, is a significant wash for a wide range of skin, particularly for delicate skin that eliminates the abundance of sebum and profound situated buildup, with its thick froth and astounding adherence. Thick consistency that clears pores. By conveying a thick and fun foam from the rich-completed condition at the hint of water. 

CICA HEALING DAY CREAM, made for delicate skin is a multi-reason alleviating cream for dry skin aggravations with conferring dependable dampness with a new surface. Fix and mitigates harmed skin rapidly, makes a cica obstruction to shield the skin from the outside climate and gives a quieting impact. 

CICA HEALING NIGHT CREAM, essentially, improves skin’s blood flow similarly to the mix of collagen and skin tissue. By joining Cica benefits into your regular skincare schedule, you’ll be supporting your skin’s fundamental plan thusly, engaging in the signs of developing – wrinkles and loss of immovability. 

What the Combo does for you- 

  • 10X Faster Healing
  • Reduces Pigmentation
  • Builds Protein
  • Firms Age Lines
  • Minimizes Pores
  • Improves uneven skin tone
  • Regulates oil

Additionally, all made with the ideal characteristic fixings like cica, olive, cocoa, and niacinamide, help keep up the enduring dampness with a crisp dissolving feeling. Additionally, it re-energizes dampness layer by layer, retaining profoundly into the skin. No design manufacture substances or smells add that can hurt or bother your skin. Your skin is your body’s greatest organ and all that you apply to it is absorbs into your course framework. In addition, we never ever test on animals! No Parabens! Not utilizing engineered substances! Indeed, even No aroma! We simply use fixings that are helpful for your skin!

So if you have any Cica questions? We have Cica answers. Hit us up in the remark segment underneath, and we’ll hit you up immediately. So, just click and order your youth defining Korean + Ayurvedic Concept.