Neem tree is a very common tree in the Indian subcontinent. It grows easily anywhere and everywhere. But its easy availability does not make it less important. Each and every part of this tree is enriched with some healing quality. It is actually a blessing in disguise of a tree.

Neem tree is from the Mahogany Family called Meliaceae. It is known as ‘sarvarognivarini’ in Sanskrit. Let us learn about the benefits derived from the various parts of this tree.

1. Neem LeavesNeem leaves are used in the form of a paste for curing viral diseases.

The leaves can also be used in powder form. Boiling leaves in water and drinking that water brings blood pressure and sugar levels in control.

2. Neem Bark– Bark of this tree is used for treating skin infections. This part is also good for treating fleas on pet animals. Neem twigs have been traditionally used for oral hygiene. And so it is used in many dental products like toothpaste.

3. Neem Seeds– Neem seeds are used for preparing neem oil which is used for curing various issues of our body. Neem oil has the power to treat hair lice. It is used in various anti-lice shampoos and hair oils. It is also effective in treating skin problems. It is also used in many medicines and beauty products due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Some health issues in which neem is proved really helpful are discussed below

1. Effective in Piles– Neem tea is good for the system. The brewed tea, when mixed with a cream, can be used to cure piles. Try it for few days to get relief from piles.

2. Mosquito and Insects Repellent– Neem leaves and bark is burned to repel mosquitoes and insects.

3. Acne and pimples– The antibacterial qualities of neem help in treating acne and pimples. It is a key ingredient of face cleansers and skin care products specially formulated for acne treatment. It is also used in the form of powder in homemade face packs.

4. Athlete’s Foot– Neem has amazing anti-fungal properties which makes it an apt cure for athlete’s foot.

5. Vaginal Infections– Cleaning of Vagina with boiled water infused with neem leaves helps in curing vaginal infections.

Utilise this blessing from the Mother Nature and make your body healthy. Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!