We often go for home facials and face packs to take care of our face but hands and feet are often ignored by us. The way we deal with our face and hands is quite different. Due to lack of time, busy schedules, over polluted places our hands darken and become dirty along with our face. Our interest usually arises in achieving beautiful and glowing face but we forget about our hands. Now that complete skin care is needed let me tell you about taking care of your hands with manicure procedure.

A simple manicure can make your hands look better.

Let us now discuss the benefits of a manicure.

1. Soft and smooth hands-Manicure process is all about removing dead cells and getting smooth skin. The tanned skin and the damaged skin is also healed with the use of butter creams and specially formulated hand creams available in the market. This process not only heals the skin but also brightens it. The process involves taking care of every part like nails, cuticles, etc. Not to forget that this soft and smooth skin can also easily be attained at home by manicure at home.

2. Clean and well-maintained hands– Clean hands are very attractive and simply alluring. Anything that looks clean on the outside is appreciated by all. Same is the case with our hands. After getting done proper manicure, hands become easily noticeable. We should realise the importance of clean hands as it can ensure new and better cell growth. The dead cells are removed properly and new cell growth is initiated.

3. Better Blood Circulation– Manicure not only involves better-looking hands, hygienic feel but also better blood circulation. One of the steps of manicure process is massage. Massages have proven records of encouraging blood circulation. The relaxing feel during manicure massages keeps the hand properly moisturised.

4. Nail Growth– Clean hands assure non-existence of fungal infections that can hover on our nails. The proper shape and size are also maintained by regular manicure treatments. Application of nail colours is also a part of the process. So other than nail growth, you get beautiful and attractive nails.

5. Happy mode– Manicure is also a way to pamper oneself. A proper hand manicure can help your body relax and release endorphins that can enhance the mood levels. It can trigger your happy mode buttons and give you a sense of satisfaction. You will realise the time taken out for this process will affect your brain as well. The beautiful aroma of the products used and a little me time gives your mind the much-needed peace and short break.

Make sure that you visit a good salon for skin treatments. Do not go for manicure immediately after waxing or shaving. Ensure that the tools used for the treatment are clean and the place is hygienic. Manicures can also be performed easily at home. Try to make a habit of regular tidying up of your hands through this process. Hope you got an idea about the benefits of a manicure. Keep Smiling. Keep Glowing!