Fairness and bright skincare greatly loved by all of us. It is something that every heart desires irrespective of the gender. Pollution, impurities, ageing effects affectthe fairness of the skin and make the complexion dull. In such conditions, people tend to look for options that can provide them glowing fair skin. Some common options are natural beauty products like fairness creams, skin toner, complexion cream, etc. 

Other than these common options, there are certain ways that can be easily followed and can be repeated twice in a week. 

Find ways to make the skin naturally fair here. These ways comprise of natural items that can be conveniently used on the skin.

1. Raw Milk– Raw milk cleanses the skin and removes the deep-seated impurities from the skin. It uplifts the skin tone and brings a brighter complexion. This natural ingredient is used for removing the makeup and thus serves as the main ingredient of cleansing milk products.

How to use– Take some milk. Make sure this milk is not boiled. Dab a cotton ball in this milk. Apply it with the help of this cotton ball on the face. Wipe or rinse the face after 5-10 minutes. 

2. Turmeric and lemon face pack- Lemon is a great source of antioxidants that make the skin clear and fair. It encounters the effects of ageing and deep cleanses the skin. Turmeric heals the damaged skin cells and repairs it beautifully. The mixture of turmeric and lemon face pack is highly beneficial for dark skin with pigmentation. It is also helpful in treating skin with acne issues.

How to use– Take some gram flour and turmeric. Add some drops of lemon juice to it. Blend this mixture properly. Apply it and leave it for around 20 minutes. Rinse with water. Use this paste on the dull skin to get back the fairness.

3. Milk & saffron- Milk is a natural restorer of beauty. It nurtures the skin deeply. Saffron is an age-old beauty ingredient from the store of Ayurveda. The milk & saffron combination has always been recommended due to its powerful impact on the skin.

How to use– Add few strands of saffron to 2-3 spoons of milk. Keep this milk for around 3-4 hours. Use this mixture on the face.Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

4. Curd &Lemon– Curd is not only good for the digestive system but is also the best for the skin. It is good in protein and contains good bacteria. Lemon, on the other hand, is extremely rich in vitamin c. It has lots of antioxidants that take care of skin issues and lightens the skin complexion. The combination of curd and lemon is wonderful for the colour of skin.

How to use– Take one or two spoons of honey. Add some lemon juice to it. Mix the contents properly. Apply this paste on the face and wash after leaving it on for 20 minutes. 

The natural ways mentioned above are very safe to use and can be repeated. These bring noticeable changes in the fairness of the skin. Try to get better and fairer skin with these natural tips. Keep smiling keep glowing!