We all love healthy hair, basically, the types of hair that are strong enough to face the daily attack of pollution, unwanted stress & climatic conditions. A strong hair is nourished & taken care by a strong root. Root is that part of hair which supplies essential nutrients & water to the hair. Hair grows from the root which is inside the hair follicle. This clearly states that healthy root is the starting point for healthy hair.

After using several shampoos, conditioners and other beauty & hair products, I have arrived at a conclusion. I conclude that no shampoo can make the hair & skin healthy until we work on the inner part. The inner part here is the root. Root needs to be strong enough to keep the hair strong.

Here are some ways which can help you work on making the root stronger to gain healthy hair.

1- Vitamin CVitamin C is one nutrient that can keep the root healthy making the hair stronger & better. There are many ways to take in vitamin c. The easiest option is to eat oranges & kiwis. Other than eating these fruits, you can drink amla & lemon juice.

2- Biotin– Biotin is the other name for vitamin B7. It is capable of making hair better straight from the roots. It is also helpful in healing cracked skin. Consuming biotin rich food can make the growth of healthy hair easier. Some of the foods that contain biotin are almonds, eggs, milk, whole grains, cheese, peanuts, etc.

3- Hot oil Nourishment– Hot oil massages are very effective and can make the hair healthy & strong directly from the roots. Regular spa treatments that offer hot oil massages are great for the hair. Other than these treatments, you can apply hot oil to your hair at home and give yourself a relaxing massage. The supply of nourishment of oil to the roots is really important for good hair. Hot oil massage can also regulate better blood circulation. The hair oils that are considered best for hair are- coconut oil, olive oil & sweet almond oil.

4- Daily Care– Daily care & nourishment makes the hair roots stronger & healthier. Daily care includes avoiding sulphate products for hair care, staying away from worries & stressing situations, eating good diet & giving your body proper sleep.

Daily care is like taking small steps towards the overall growth of the hair.