What is dry skin?
Dry skin is prone to sensitivity and is a type of skin which has low sebum. The skin unable to hold moisture and looks shriveled. Skin feels stretched or tight especially in winter. There can also be some cracking and chapping of the skin. It is also distressing when your skin feels itchy and irritated. This type of skin sometimes accompanied by redness along with scaling or peeling.

Causes behind dry skin
Generally, this type of skin is dependent on your type of genes. But external factors factor is equally responsible for the dry skin. Such as, when humidity level in the atmosphere falls down, it directly affects your skin as a result, the loss of moisture and depletion in the skin’s natural oils starts which makes your skin dry, chapped, cracked, and tight. Environmental factors also include excessive sun exposure, dry wind, chemical-based cosmetics, and uses of harsh soaps on the skin. Other skin conditions like dermatitis or eczema etc.

Nutritional deficiencies and health issues are also responsible for the dry skin of yours, which include hyper or hypoactive thyroid and diabetes. Certain drugs and medicines also contribute to dryness of the skin.

How to retain moisture of the skin naturally?
With these powerful and easy steps try to hydrate your skin naturally.

 Don’t’ use hot water directly on your face. This is very harsh on your skin. When you are showering try to avoid direct contact ofyour face with water.
 Avoid washing your face immediately when you wakeup in the morning. If you have acne and you are afraid of breakouts, then wipe off your face gently with acotton pad dipped in an herbal toner. You can also use rose water which is very soothing to the skin.
 Avoid over layering of the cosmetic products if you have dry skin as it blocks the pores and your skin not able to breathe. Apply water-based products only.
 Use a humidifier
 Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. 
 Try to consume maximum omega-3 essential fatty acids which prevent your skin from drying and flaking.
 Try to have enough protein in your diet.
 Avoid processed sugars.

Try to understand and correct your skin. Its only in your hands. Love your skin, pamper it, and beautify it.

Take care!