Hair texture is nothing but the way your hair feels. It is the actual condition of your hair. The texture can be identified by touching the hair and moving hair between your fingers. You get to know the right texture by feeling your hair right! You can easily diagnose rough hair, smooth hair and silky hair. The volume and bounce of hair depends on the hair texture!

Basically, hair texture is of three types-

1. Thick

2. Medium

3. Fine

1. Thick hair is the strongest type of hair. This texture can be little rough or coarse to touch. But it is considered the best texture for hair volume and bouncy hair. It can be hard to manage due to its roughness. Though, it is suitable for making different hairstyles.

2. Medium hair texture is smooth and not very rough. It is not very hard to manage. This type of hair is usually considered healthy because it doesn’t break or damage easily.

3. Fine hair is the type of hair that is just fine and silky! It cannot be considered healthy because it is very thin and can break easily. This type of hair results in hair breakage issues and split end problems.

I am sure now you can easily determine your hair texture with the help of the information mentioned above.

Now find here the ways to make your hair texture better, smoother and healthier-

1. Amla- Amla is a natural remedy for fine hair. It is highly rich in vitamin c and provides complete nourishment to the hair. Amla is the Indian name of gooseberry and is highly effective in hair issues like grey hair or damaged hair.

How to use- Drink amla juice daily in the morning. Or consume raw amla regularly. Amla hair packs can also be prepared and used at home.

2. Eggs- Hair need lots of protein and eggs are quite rich in protein content. Using eggs on your hair can make your hair stronger and lustrous. It deeply conditions the hair and makes the texture better.

How to use- Consume eggs daily for enriching your body with protein. Apply eggs on hair in the form of hair masks combined with olive oil or curd or henna.

3. Coconut Oil- This is an age-old remedy for hair issues. It repairs the damaged hair and deeply nourishes the hair from the root till the end. Make your hair stronger and healthier by using coconut oil.

How to use- Take hot oil massage regularly at night. Or you can prepare hair masks at home with coconut oil and lemon juice or coconut oil and egg.

Instead of using expensive chemical based products go with Essential Ayurveda i.e. natural herbs. Hope you find the given information useful. Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!