Generally, when we talk of oily skin, what strikes our mind is a thick layer of shimmering grease over the skin even after frequent washing. On the other hand, a dry skin is flaky and produces little or no oil (though excess oil is not suitable but an adequate amount of essential oils is required). So, both of these are quite contrary to each other. One cannot acquire the traits of having an oily skin and at the same time produce flaky dryness. What misconception that people have is actually of the confusion that is caused by dryness and dehydration. A skin that is normal, oily or combination can actually feel tight and taut due to lack of proper amount of water that gives an impression of having prolonged dryness when actually it is not. What differentiates a dry skin from a dehydrated one is the actual cause of the problem that is dehydration as the name suggests occurs due to lack of water or hydration that should be present over your skin whereas the dry skin is the direct consequence of lack of proper amount of oil. This explains that a skin which is dehydrated, need not to be dry or vice versa.

The perfect balance to oil and water is very important for a glowing and healthy skin. While drinking adequate amount of water or application of oil balancing moisturizers can help on temporary basis, this is often not a permanent solution. Your products that you apply are basically utilizing the moisture content from your skin. Apart from natural factors, these harmful chemicals that are present in the widest and most exotic cosmetic ranges that we use in our daily life, is a huge contributor to this ailment. The more we move towards being natural, the more we can take care of our skin that is one of the most delicate and fragile part of our body.

Argan oil is a natural source of healing that provides soothing and nourishment to the skin. It moisturizes the skin, removes and balances excess oil, cures psoriasis and acne and even tightens the skin to miraculously remove the ageing effects which is quite a source of stress among people now-a-days, being belonging to an era of heavy makeups and cosmetics. Argan oil is essentially a key ingredient to cure the imbalance between an oily-dehydrated skin. So, Inveda, has this amazing Ayurvedic skin cream that is Hydra Nourish Cream with Argan oil that would moisten your skin as well as provide other numerous benefits. The Hydra Nourish Cream with Argan Oil by Inveda is completely natural and has been fabricated to cure such sensitive skin trouble. Being an Ayurvedic Skin Cream, it does not contain any harsh and harmful chemical that would further deteriorate the skin quality. This Ayurvedic Skin Cream rejuvenates the dead skin and counterbalances the superfluous grease and oil. No doubt Argan Oil scintillates its magic once you start using it