Cold weather and the cool breeze make winter season very hard to survive. Health, skin, and hair everything seems to lack nutrition & nourishment. The body becomes cold and the skin begins to crack. It is very important to eat good & nutritious food to keep the body warm & healthy. A The Proper amount of fluids & a good number of fruits should also be taken to give the required nourishment to the body.

Here you shall get to know about certain eatables that can heal, protect & make the body strong to fight winter. Such foods are

1. Ginger– Ginger is a popular food item in the winter season. It is available in the market and is used in every Indian home due to its medicinal properties. It is generally used as a spice and is perfect to be used in tea. It keeps the body warm & fights various types of diseases attacking the body.

2. Tulsi– This plant has amazing anti-bacterial and medicinal properties. It is generally found in every Indian home. People worship it & use its leaves for several uses. One such use is that it keeps the body healthy by fighting the infections attacking the body. It can be used in teas & salads. Another use is in the preparation of face packs & skincare range to keep the skin healthy. These uses make it an apt eatable in the winter season.

3. Carrot & radish– Carrots & radish are commonly seen in the winter season. These root foods are enriched with nutrients like beta-carotene & vitamins which add health to the body.

4. Leafy Veggies– Leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek leaves, etc. are eaten with great taste in the winter season. These fruits help us in beating the cold and making the body strong. This is because of the rich content of vitamins in these foods.

5. Dry fruits– Dry fruits are abundant sources of nutrients. These are large storehouses of omegas, essential fats, iron & vitamins. Eating dry fruits help us stay fit, strong & healthy enough to fight infections in winter.

Hope you will include these foods in your diet & enjoy the winter season. Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!