Influence from the west is good but only to a certain extent. If you are tired from using skincare products that are not resulting in the skin you aspire despite their false claims, then this blog is definitely for you. The answer is all around you but you haven’t noticed it till now. Nature has provided us with all natural alternatives to these synthetic chemical products. India is a land that is blessed with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs present in different parts of the country. Inveda is here to remind you how these Indian herbs are a blessing for your skin.

Inveda’s Skin friendly products are formulated with the beauty of Indian herbs and the traditional knowledge from Ayurveda. By this way, Inveda efficiently contributes to “ MAKE IN INDIA” campaign started by the Government of India. Inveda manufactures its products within the country and gives a small help from its side by wishing to make India a global manufacturing hub.

All the products from Inveda lay emphasis on certain certifications which contribute effectively to India’s environment.

No paraben|Vegan|100% Organic|PETA Certified

On the auspicious occasion of Independence day, Inveda urges you to  “TAKE PRIDE IN THE BEAUTY OF INDIAN HERBS”.

These particular herbs provide effects that can protect our skin from diseases while promoting youthful and natural skin radiance. All these herbs are a part of Inveda’s Ayurvedic Products

NEEM – ACNE ELIMINATOR- Every household’s name, this medicinal herb  works wonders for our beauty needs as well as in removing toxins from the body and promoting blood circulation.  In Ayurveda, Neem is commonly known to treat acne resulting in beautiful, glowing skin. It also helps in clearing excess oil and dirt from deep within the skin pores.

TULSI – BLOOD PURIFIER- Tulsi, in general has occupied the name of a natural purifier. It purifies  your blood by removing toxins. Due to its antibacterial properties, Tulsi leaves restrict the growth of bacteria and thus armours your skin from skin infections. Tulsi is used as an effective remedy for hair loss. It is considered an important ingredient in herbal hair loss treatment. The herb works by strengthening the hair roots, thereby curbing hair fall 

SANDALWOOD – NATURAL HEALER- Sandalwood  can help you get a bright, clean and clear skin. It helps cure skin infections and prevents untimely skin ageing. Sandalwood helps in fighting acne-causing bacteria, exfoliates the skin, soothes sunburn, removes suntan and also reduces signs of ageing such as dry skin and wrinkles.

TURMERIC – NATURAL ANTISEPTIC- The curcumin found in turmeric can help wounds heal by decreasing inflammation and oxidation. The anti-inflammatory qualities can target your pores and help them unclog by removing away all the unwanted impurities. Turmeric is also known to reduce scarring and thus easily gets done away with acne scars.

GOTUKULA/BRAHMI – BLOOD CIRCULATION BOOSTER- Gotukula helps keep skin tighter and firmer. It boosts the formation of collagen and skin tissue, which is crucial in maintaining the skin’s elasticity . Gotukula speeds up the skin’s healing process and also gets rid of pimple scars, acne and blemishes. Its anti-ageing properties helps to deal with wrinkles and fine lines.

ASHWAGANDHA – AGE LOCKER- Ashwagandha has high levels of antioxidants that clear off free radicals to fight signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, and blemishes. It acts on the nervous system to ease anxiety and stress, which have a direct effect on the health of our skin and hair. A liquid mixture of ashwagandha can be applied as an ointment to treat cuts, bruises, and heal the skin.

AMALAKI – SKIN COOLER-  Like us, our skin too needs to be calmed and cooled down, Amalaki plays a major role in the same. Application of Amalaki  on the skin helps to pacify the burning sensation and skin rashes. Mixed with sesame oil, Amalaki can be used as an excellent body massage.

CARDAMOM – SKIN ALLERGIES TREATMENT- Cardamom has a high quantity of Vitamin C, thus provides antioxidants and helps in purifying the blood. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that prevents allergies. Therefore cardamom plays a vital role of impacting a glow from within look to your skin naturally.

LIQUORICE – SKIN WHITENER- Liquorice is an exciting all-natural treatment option to get a skin glow like never before.  Liquorice helps to speed up the process by blocking the melanin production and evening out the skin tone of dark scars. Though, it won’t help much on light-coloured ones.

So it’s high time, eliminate all those overpriced chemical skin care products and make these and many more skin friendly Indian herbs your go to beauty solutions.

Inveda wishes you a very happy and a prosperous Independence Day.