The probability of sunburn at the time is also at the highest level, which leads to skin tanning. UVA rays can destroy collagen in the skin and cause premature aging. Exposure can also cause outbreaks of acne. Therefore, we must treat the skin that is exposed to these rays.

Tired of Tan? The best way to protect yourself from uneven sunburn on the skin is effective sun protection and a diet that makes our skin smooth and radiant. Get rid of sunburn and lighten your skin with Inveda DE-TAN & FAIRNESS KIT – SUMMER ESSENTIAL. It reverses the damage caused by exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

1. Sun Protection cream – Uneven tanning of the skin is a nightmare. But, by choosing a sunscreen that is right for you, you can avoid sunburn the next time you go out in the sun. Inveda sunscreen gel is apt for your summer. IT Contains SPA 50 PA. Suitable for all skin types. This cream is used to protect the skin. It not only prevents sunburn, but also whitens the skin. There are several sunscreens on the market, but one with a minimum SPF of 50 should be applied at least 30 minutes before going out into the sun and this application must be repeated every 2-3 hours for effective sun protection. Sunscreen cream gel forms a layer on the skin and reduces the effects of ultraviolet rays.

2. Whitening & De-pigmentation cream: just gently massage it on tanned skin with circular movements. This Contains lemon and turmeric and both are rich in antioxidants and posses anti tanning properties. After a massage of about 10 minutes, simply leave it overnight for de-tanned and glowing skin. It also moisturizes your skin. This cream works best for all skin types. The benefits of extracts of natural ingredients act proactively, penetrating deep inside and regenerating new skin cells, producing melanin and stimulating them to radiate a fresh and charming face.

3. D-Tan Pack: Anti-Tanning packs available in the market are very well suited to clear the tan of your skin from the root, lighten and brighten the skin. Inveda de-tan pack in this kit helps soothe and heal sunburns and forms a protective layer on the skin for a moisturizing effect. Natural ingredients are always good for treating your skin. Toning uneven skin tone, this face pack makes your skin flawless, clean and radiant.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article that offers innumerable tips and ideas to achieve beautiful clear skin. If you know other methods to eliminate tanning permanently, share them with us in the comments section below.