Vitamin C Serum uses are really great

Moreover, if you are really indulged in a skincare routine for your skin you have definitely heard about Vitamin C Serum uses. Right! Before anything else let me tell you something about Vitamin C, known as ascorbic acid or L ascorbic acid.
Chiefly, it’s a basic supplement that is essential for body development and to maintain and repair body tissues including skin, ligaments, and tendons, engrossing different vitamins & nutrients, for example, iron, and helping the capacity of compounds and enzymes. Additionally, it supports to boost blood circulation, collagen production, skin lightening, and repair the cell to prevent wrinkles and ageing.
Also, it’s imperative to take note of the fact that the body can’t make Vitamin C all alone, nor is Vitamin C stored in the body. So it’s important to get a lot of minerals and nutrients consistently.
Vitamin C Serum uses for the face! This phrase is highly popular among girls only because of its high-quality results. Let’s take a look below on Vitamin C serum benefits

1. Best for all skin types

Every human needs vitamin c to absorb other vital nutrients. It’s an excellent agent of antioxidants that suits all skin.

2. Vit-C Even out the skin tone

Generally, dull skin, uneven complexion occurs only due to the lack of nutrients which skin needs. Without a doubt, Vitamin C serum and oral intake of ascorbic acid increases the absorption rate of other nutrients and replaces the dull skin with the overall youthful even tone.

3. Fade hyperpigmentation & blemishes

Important to realize that hyperpigmentation and blemishes occur due to the overproduction of melanin. And of course, the Continuous use of Vitamin C deplete the production of melanin resulting in a spotless clear complexion.

4. Prevents wrinkles & premature ageing

As you all know that every day, skin goes under much oxidative stress. But the high concentration of antioxidants present in vitamin c protects the skin from free radicals. Whereas one of the most drastic results of free radicals is wrinkles and ageing.
In contrast, vitamin C reduces the impact and neutralizes the effect and protects the skin from damage. As a condition, it prevents transdermal water loss to retain the moisture to delay the signs of ageing and wrinkles.

5. Increases the production of collagen

As you must be aware that Vitamin c is famous for boosting collagen. Due to its properties, it aids the process of production that decreases over time. Depletion of collagen leads to ageing issues. Thus, sodium ascorbate helps to retain the moisture resulting in a bright and tight skin.

6. Protects against the harmful rays

Above all harmful sun rays break the molecules and damage the skin like hell. In contrast, vitamin C binds the molecules and protects the skin from harmful effects and creates a skin barrier.

7. Soothes sunburn

Due to harmful rays, skin cells damaged and burn marks appear. So, Vitamin c accelerates the production of new skin cells resulting in the soothing of the skin and reduced redness.

8. Boosts wound healing

Vitamin C treats wound healing by reducing the effects of inflammation and redness. Moreover, it helps the skin to heal fast by increasing the production of cells.

9. Effectively minimizes the pores

By increasing the production of collagen vitamin c decreases the size of open enlarged pores. Boost in elasticity helps in shrinking of the pores and all could happen because of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C Serum for Day or Night- Confusion! Let’s see the solution

Vitamin C serum could undoubtedly take your skincare regimen to the next level, there are some doubts encompassing the right utilization of these serums. In particular, there’s a touch of discussion in the skincare world about Vitamin C serum that, “It should be used at the day, or night, or both.”

Some skincare dermatologists allow using Vitamin C Serum in the day because it prevents the skin from harmful sun damage. Also, it retains the moisture throughout the day. But if you choose to use it in the morning then do not forget to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF more than 30 after the application of Serum.

Most of the dermatologists and beauty bloggers recommend serums to use before bed. The skin undergoes it’s natural repairing mechanism while you are sleeping. Moreover, the process of maintenance reaches a height at night. So, it makes sense to use Serums at night.

You can use Vitamin C Serum both, am or pm but a higher concentration of serums should be used once whether its day or night. Some people thought that the more we apply, the more we get early benefits but the answer is NO! Skin ki bhi koi limit hoti hai yaar. Your skin absorbs Vitamin C in a limited quantity, so do not waste your costly product by overusing it.
The market is flooded with the Best Vitamin C Serum for all skin types


Let us help you to ease out your process of selection from the ocean of Vitamin C Serum. Best Vitamin c products are:

1. Drunk Elephants Vitamin C
2. Inveda Concentrated Vitamin C Serum-20%
3. The Body Shop Vitamin C
4. Clinique Vitamin c Serum

The serums above are full of a powerful dose of antioxidants which works on your skin and neutralizes the effects and imparts best beauty results which you are searching for. Everyone is talking about investing in your skin and I think Vitamin C is one of the potent ingredients you should definitely invest in.

Some people may face the side effects of Vitamin C Serum which includes itching, redness, irritation and tingling sensation. So always go for the best serum.