You must be wondering that how to look young right! Add the best anti ageing foods that make a difference in your life. For example, being old and looking old, both are different things. So count your memories, not wrinkles!! 

Who doesn’t want to live more? If you wish to live for more than 100 years by staying healthy, then there’s no other short cuts better life than this. But compared to the previous time, nowadays, after the age of 50, people are vulnerable to diseases like blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes etc. and affected by even cancer-like diseases. 

Though we can’t stop ageing, we can use the best anti ageing foods for a healthy life. Let me clarify, nobody has the superpower to prevent the age clock. At some point or another everyone has to be old. But you know, the first step towards the good health and younger looks is a healthy diet with the best foods. Basically, make your habit to avoid foods that age your face and contribute in ageing.

The problem is that people search for how to look young? How to get the best foods that help prevent wrinkles and top anti ageing foods for skin and moreover, wrinkle-free skin diet? But they never implement the same.

foods to avoidLearn here about the simplest anti ageing diet which can give your body fast energy and digest and lead to longer lives. Although everybody knows the ABC of a healthy diet, like, it includes plenty of fruits, green vegetables, healthy protein diet, whole grains, and some low-fat dairy & of course, less salt/sugar but despite knowing everything; we’ll going to provide the list of best foods. 

So here we go, with the best anti ageing foods so that you look young and flawless forever- 

1.Did you know that? Water reverse wrinkles

Now, some people will think that water isn’t food, did you think the same? Water is so undervalued right! Please consider it, a healthy support system for good health and long lives. You know, more than half of our body contains liquid, means water. So, in case you’re got dried out, consider yourself thirsty and drink water until you feel completely hydrated.

The solution is simple- drink 8-9 glasses of water daily so that your digestive system runs with none trouble. You’ll never face the issues like fatigue, mild headache and constipation. 

  • Male Intake – about 15.5 cups (3.7 litres)
  • Female Intake- about 11.5 cups (2.7 litres)
  1. Fiber Rich Food are the best food for wrinkle free skin. 

In case, you didn’t know about the fiber foods, let us tell you that fiber rich food like vegetables, grains, fruits, and vegetables assumes a key job in your digestive system. It help to reduce the cholesterol level and improve the function of digestion. Fiber foods control the blood glucose level & pump oxygen to cells that prevent ageing and keep your skin and body and heart fit and healthy. 

Women need 25 grams of fiber per day

Men need 38 grams per day

3. Fish 

How can we forget fish, it is full of antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids best for skin and health. It should include weekly so that it make your heart and soul young. You can say that, fish is the best food for ageing skin. 

Adults should eat at least 8 ounces or two servings of omega-3-rich fish a week 

4. Include Yoghurt for the wrinkle free skin diet

Now we are taking the case of Yoghurt right! Everyone is well aware that calcium-rich food is best for bones and as we grow the health of the bones decreases. Unlike the other products calcium present in dairy products helps you to absorb the best minerals within the body. 

Consumption- 3 cups per day (450 gm) for anyone over the age of 9 years old.

Dood Dahi Khao or apni umr badhao!! 

  1. Tomatoes- best source for young skin 

 You know, Tomatoes are high in lycopene, compound that helps you to fight against cancer and in fact it improves the health of  lungs as well. You’ll consume tomato in any form (in juice, soup, and sauce or salad). Tomatoes are natural anti ageing food that help in reducing cholesterol and arthritis. So if you’re affected by any kind of ageing sign, this can be the alarm so control it as soon as possible to live long. 22gm -27 mg approx. 2 spoon of tomato puree is more than enough for daily consumption.

6.Broccoli – Best food to reduce premature ageing

In contrast with the other vegetables- Broccoli is loaded with fiber and protein and contains iron, potassium, calcium, selenium and magnesium too. Also, because of the vitamins A, C, E, K and a good array of B vitamins including folic acid. Which is more than enough to maintain a healthy living. 

Adults should consume half a cup (78- 90 grams) of cooked broccoli daily which provides 84% of the many potent antioxidants that support healthy cells and tissues throughout your body.

7. Nuts – one must include this in anti ageing diet

To balance the diet, we have to begin with nuts. Brimming with omega-3s, unsaturated fats, fibre, and protein. Terms as a healthy dose for skin, heart and health. Always intake 1 ounce of nuts per week which keeps the metabolism strong and maintain your health to gather more memories. 

Only 30 grams of nuts and seeds a day need to ensure adequate protein. 

  1. How beans are good for younger looking skin 

In reality, Beans are rich in mineral and iron which causes your body to supply RBCs (Red Blood Cells) that convey oxygen to the muscles and makes your skin healthy. 

The daily dose of 21 to 25 grams per day for adult women,

30 to 38 grams for adult men.

Daily dose of the best foods |inveda

  1. Bananas – best food to increase the age. 

They are an especially decent vitality source and these are best eaten a couple of hours before you’re ready to eat a proper meal. Moreover, bananas trigger the arrival of ‘dopamine’ -a compound that increases your concentration and focus. Rich in iron that supports the blood cells and bones for further more days to live. The daily dose of 2 bananas is enough for adults to provide basic iron and nutrients to the body.

To conclude; the final point is here, must include the best foods for younger-looking skin and health. Always avoid the processed foods which gear up your wrinkles and opt the anti-ageing diet for best health and to increase the age clock of your life.