Hair oil massage is an age-old method of keep hair strong and healthy. This method is used even now because of its effectiveness and ease of application. In the times of modern techniques, hair treatments, and expensive beauty products, this method is affordable and less time-consuming.

The only thing that has to be done carefully is choosing the right hair oil according to the scalp and hair quality. What we normally lack is knowledge about various hair oils that can be used to treat different hair issues.

Today’s blog is about different types of hair oils that can be prepared and used at home to solve various scalp issues. These preparations are done by combining two or more ingredients in the hair oil. Let us explore how to prepare effective and nourishing hair oil solutions!

1. Lemon Hair oil– This hair oil is most suitable for scalp with dandruff issues. As the name suggests, lemon is the main ingredient of this oil and works effectively towards eliminating dandruff and providing nourishment.

How to prepare– Take one spoon of lemon peel powder and 150ml of any carrier or base oil like coconut oil. Mix the ingredients in the oil and heat it on the flame. On cooling down of the mixture, store it in a container. Massage this oil on the scalp and hair length for around 10 minutes. Leave it for around 45 minutes. Then wash your hair with a gentle shampoo. Do not forget to apply a conditioner.

2. Curry leaves Hair Oil– Curry leaves prevent the greying of hair. So it is useful in premature greying of hair. This hair oil is prepared by using curry leaves and coconut oil.

How to prepare– Heat some coconut oil in a pan and add curry leaves to it. Keep on heating until you notice a black residue at the bottom of the pan. When the oil cools down, fill this oil in a container. Apply this hair oil normally for 10-15 minutes. Let it stay in hair for around 45-50 minutes. Wash with a mild hair cleanser and apply conditioner. Repeat regularly for best results.

3. Tulsi Hair Oil– Tulsi is a very popular medicinal plant. It can treat an itchy scalp if used with hair oil. It has antibacterial properties and so it helps in healing itchy and inflamed scalp.

How to prepare– Take some tulsi leaves, some fenugreek seeds and some coconut oil. Heat the coconut oil with tulsi leaves and fenugreek seeds in it. Let the mixture cool down as and when it changes its colour. Store this oil in a container. Massage your itchy scalp with this oil for few minutes and wash after 45-50 minutes. Do apply a conditioner.

The hair oil preparations mentioned above are hassle free and quite simple to prepare. The ingredients can be found easily around us. Try to use a sulphate free shampoo for washing your hair. Do not blow dry your hair for the better quality of hair. Massage your hair at least twice a week.

Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!