Men’s skincare is equally as important as women’s, but the fact is Men did not spend much time and attention as women. Men’s skin is different from women’s, that simply doesn’t allow using products designed for women. Proper skincare with quality products is equally essential to maintain the health of the skin. Preventing skin from Acne, dryness, etc. is essential for men as well. Male skin is very much different from a female in many aspects such as level of hormone secretion, the thickness of the skin, sebaceous gland activity, and external factors.

Women do produce testosterone but in a very small amount. This particular hormone affects the skin, as a result, sebaceous gland release sebum, makes the surface oilier. Men’s skin is 25%-30% thicker than women’s because Men’s skin has more collagen. External factors also responsible for the texture of male skin. For example, Men who spend more time in an outdoor activity or a sports person may experience more oxidative stress on their skin.

Hence, it becomes more important to groom Men’s skin differently. Lay out the foundation of stronger and glowing skin by following certain steps.

Cleanse-It is important to cleanse your skin from dust and deep-seated impurities. Wash your face morning and evening with natural face wash specially designed for men’s skin. Use a cream cleanser, that contains natural and non-pore clogging oils.

Exfoliate- after cleansing exfoliation is the second step. Exfoliate daily with mild lathering cleanser is better idea than daily exfoliation. It helps to remove any bacteria and unclog pores.

Shave- after cleansing and exfoliation, the time is for shave. Try to use alcohol- free shaving cream. Cleanse and exfoliated skin will not be irritated from razor use.

Hydrate- then moisturize your skin with natural moisturizer to prevent dryness and harsh environmental factors. Good moisturizer hydrates as well as protects and nourishes the skin. There are many facial moisturizers available in the market specially designed for men.

Tone- use hydrating alcohol-free toner which calm and firm your skin. It helps to protect your skin from excess bacteria and non-irritating as well.

Points to remember

If avoiding sun exposure is impossible then apply Sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. And reapplication is equally important after 4 hours.

For better results, repeat the ritual daily and keep it healthy and strong.

Take care!