Rainy season brings beauty around us and problems for our hair and skin. Here we are with the Monsoon hair care tips for long thick healthy hair that keeps your hair free from monsoon hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, dry hair, and various other infections. Also, the worst part is that all the hair products like hair sprays, hair gels which usually help in managing the tresses, tend to worsen the situation. In such times special monsoon hair care must be needed which I will be discussing today.

Here are five important ways which can help in managing your monsoon hair care during the rainy season-

  1. Timely washing and drying of hair– 

Who doesn’t like to get drenched in the rain! The only thing that bothers after being wet is rough and dry hair locks. Irregular hair washes can make the scalp sticky and greasy. This, in turn, can cause fungal or bacterial scalp infections. Moreover, proper shampoo should do and hair should be dry completely. 

Furthermore, always avoid using a hairdryer. Instead, it, try to dry your naturally in case you are at places like office or college where you cannot use a hairdryer. Make sure that you use a mild shampoo as rinsing the hair again and again can make your hair rough and dry. As well as try using an SLS- free shampoo.

  1. Deep conditioning– 

A good conditioner should be using every time you wash your hair. In case you do not want to use your regular conditioner you can use natural conditioners. The frizzy dry hair due to humidity can be treated properly only with the help of conditioner.

For herbal conditioners add natural monsoon hair care mask-like honey mask and egg mask for silky conditioned hair. Egg with Honey is the best monsoon hair fall remedy. 


Step1- Firstly, Mix 1 egg white and 2 tbsp. of Honey 

Step2- Secondly, Apply the mask all over the hair from roots to tip 

Step 3- After 2 hours wash it off with mild Ayurvedic shampoo 

At last, you can also apply any hair care serum for your crowning glory. 

  1. Stay away from styling products–

 Monsoon hair problems are on one side and Chemicals in styling products are on another side. Additionally, both are dangerous for the same mane. As you all know chemical products are very harsh on our hair. With humidity in the air, these greasy products can add to making the scalp dirty and can cause various scalp infections. So say a big no to all such products. Say hi to natural products and feel the difference. Always go for monsoon hair care home remedies. Instead of scrolling ask your grandmother or mother for the best monsoon hair care tips in Hindi which you get easily understands. 

  1. Eating Right Food– 

As a matter of fact, food plays an important role in managing our skin and hair. The right food can add a lot of beauty to your body and hair. Take a lot of veggies and fruits. Ensure an adequate amount of protein and iron in your diet for the proper strengthening of hair. Try taking curd, spinach, eggs, fish, etc. to make your hair and body strong. Stay hydrated!

  1. Scalp Massage– 

A good oil massage can help you maintain the beauty of your tresses. It is must all around the year, so don’t even think of skipping it during this season. Use coconut oil to massage your hair as its antibacterial properties keep away the infections. Dry oil from the store of Inveda can also be used to treat rough and dry hair. It repairs and nourishes dry hair and ads shine as well.

Happy monsoon!!!