If your job requires you to spend 8 hours in the office, this hectic life can pose some serious skin care problems like acne, breakouts and the stress reflects easily on your face. The dull face is a minus 1 to your personality, especially in a corporate environment.

Imagine you’re late for your work and you don’t have the time to go through your complex routine step by step. Don’t worry Inveda is here for your rescue with its hassle free 5 minutes Ayurvedic “Ready to leave for office” Regimen. 

So, let’s join hands and let us take you to the destination of ultimate glorious skin.

Step 1-Apply Inveda’s Damascena Rose Toner

Though it’s tempting to sleep forextra 5 minutes every morning, but switch the laziness and kickstart your morning with Inveda’s Damascena Rose Toner which  is here to ease your cleansing routine. Packed with the goodness Damascena rose and Vitamin C, it increases blood circulation resulting in a boost to tired and dull skin. Inveda’s Damascena Rose Toner is one of the best Ayurvedic solution to make the skin smooth and firm.

Step 2-Get the eight benefits of BB Cream

Did you know? Inveda’s BB cream is a 8 in 1 skincare solution.  Easing the process of your makeup, it acts as a concealer and foundation. With skin nourishing properties, it evenly covers blemishes, dark spots and fine lines, thus being High Coverage. Its SPF 20 component protects you from the UV rays of the sun.

Step 3- Cure 9 major skin problems with Kumkumadi Tailam Face Cream

Imagine? All major skin care issues cured can be cured by a 50 ml jar. Yes , Inveda’s best-selling Kumkumadi Tailam Cream directly targets 9 major skin problems acne & acne spots, hyper pigmentation, dull skin, sun tan, dark circle, bruises and blemishes. A magical beauty secret that improves your skin and makes it toxin free. 

Ready, steady and you’ll have a glorious skin foryou busy day head. 

Post office ours can take a toll on your skin. With free radicals entering your clogged pores, your skin becomes more prone to damage and decay. It becomes a necessity to cleanse the deep seated impurities and make your skin get back the same glow it had at morning. 

Step 4- End your hectic day with Moroccan Argan Cleansing Gel

Inveda’s Moroccan Argan Oil  Cleansing Gel which  is a balanced blend of 100% Pure and Organic Argan Oil  is designed to keep the skin moisturised and hydrated for longer time period.  Gentle foaming cleanser acts as a natural blender, maintaining skin’s balance and preventing premature ageing. It deeply penetrates into your skin nourishing down to the deepest layers of cells, adding a healthy glow. It is Paraben free, thus making it ideal for everyday use.

Follow this routine and get your office life effectively balanced with your vital skin.