Skin is not only the outer covering of your body but it says a lot about your health. There is no standard normal state of your skin as it keeps on changing with your age, illnesses and outside climate. You may have noticed many changes on your skin starting your puberty. The skin of a girl entering into puberty changes due to the changes in the hormones.  Their menstrual cycle has a lot to with the skin appearance. On an average many girls experiences the change in their skin particularly on face before, during and after their periods.

Symptom of hormonal change on your skin

Your period can bring out a number of symptoms including hunger, bloating, stomach cramp, and breakout. The main reasons for these symptoms is the hormonal changes. Thus, a lot of girls suffer period related pimples, acne and spots. The hormones like progesterone and estrogen contribute to the acne due to the buildup of sebum underneath the skin. This can make you look ugly and also cause the inflammation of the skin.

Your skin in the premenstrual phase

During the premenstrual phase, your skin faces the worst changes in the skin. Due to the rapid change in the hormonal level, sebum and oil levels get high under the skin. This led to clogging the skin pores and promote the growth of bacteria on the skin.  You can feel the oiliness of your skin during the premenstrual phase.

Pimples starts clearing up during periods from Day 1 to 5

The pimples which you have got atleast a week before starts clearing up during your periods. As you starts your period, the progesterone levels in your body gets lower. This means that your skin starts clearing up the oil that has got collected under the skin.

Skin continues to clear up the pimples from Day 5 to 8

Many but not every woman experience period for more than 5 days. From the 5th day to the last day of menstrual cycle, the skin continue to clear up the pimples and acne. It further tries to dry up the skin by clearing the skin oil. This happens due to the rising level of estrogen in the skin.

Get a growing skin after your periods

From Day 8 to 14, the estrogen levels in the body is at the peak. Thus, your skin appears oil free, radiating and glowing. Though in some women, skin pores appear more prominently while in many others they are very small.

Skin gets oily from Day 15 to 24

Progesterone level in the body gets higher from day 15 to day 24 of your period. Higher level of progesterone stimulate the oil glands and led to the production of oil in the skin. This oil clogs the pore and causes pimples and acne on the skin.