Cardamom is one of the best spices in the world. It is popularly known as Elaichi in Hindi. It is also called the queen of spices and is quite expensive. There are two types of this spice- green cardamom and black cardamom. Green cardamom is commonly used in sweets and milk based dishes. This spice is preferred for its fragrance and light taste. Black cardamom is called Badielaichi in hindi because of its elongated size and is used in various spicy Indian dishes like Mughlai food. The use of cardamom is based on the benefits it provides to our body.

The common benefits of cardamom are listed below

1. Helps in proper digestion of food.

2. It helps in boosting the appetite of a person.

3. It is great for lips.

4. It can keep the body warm.

5. Provides flavour in foods and sweets.

Let us know various health issues that it heals

1. Enhances Sexual well-being- Yes you read it right! This spice has the power to release the stimulants that help in arising feelings and turn you on!

2. Better Complexion– It contributes towards better complexion and fairer skin. Thus it is an important ingredient of many fairness creams and other ayurvedic beauty products.

3. Better Oral hygiene– There are many types of mouthwash and tooth pastes that are enriched with the goodness of cardamom due its natural fragrance and lovely taste. It keeps off the bad breath and maintains the hygiene of the mouth.

4. Cures Cancer– It is a must-have spice for people who suffer from cancer as it is one of the natural treatments for cancer. It restricts the growth of cancer cells and has adverse effects on them.

Studies show that is spice is effective in preventing cancer.

5. Perfumes– Due to its amazing fragrance it finds its place in many perfumes, scents and other cosmetics. Cardamom oil is a major ingredient of many scented beauty products and is widely used in this industry.

6. Better Hair growth– Another benefit of cardamom is better growth of hair. It is rich in antioxidants that improve the health of scalp and strengthens hair. It is also useful in treating infections of the scalp due to its antibacterial properties.

I am sure this information will definitely encourage the regular use of cardamom. Use it for your favourite benefit!