You will be surprised to know that sodium bicarbonate a scientific name of baking soda is actually a skin saviour and can help you in many ways. Baking soda is the solution to your many skin problems. This extra ordinary ingredient is always available in your kitchen cupboard. Being alkaline in nature, it balances the PH levels of your skin and enhances your skin with a radiant glow. It is the best known for its exfoliating properties to reveal fresh and beautiful skin. Here are some of the ways to use this ingredient to battle with your day to day beauty problems.

ExfoliateExfoliation of skin is necessary as it removes dead skin cells to provide you fresh and glowing skin. For that you just need to apply a thick paste of it with little warm water for just 5-10 minutes. Then wash off with water and pat dry. People with dry or sensitive skin should exfoliate once a week.

Effective On Skin Rashes– The presence of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties soothes skin rashes. With the help of baking soda, you can get immediate relief from problematic skin. Being alkaline in nature, it can dry out your skin easily. Therefore, after using baking soda you need to apply herbal moisturizer. You can apply twice a day if you want immediate relief.

Treats Sunburn– baking soda has the excellent cooling effect to treat sun-damaged skin. Apply the paste of baking soda and cold water to the affected area. Keep it for 5 minutes and wash with water and apply ayurvedic moisturizer.

Removes Blackheads– blackheads is the general problem of almost everyone. Baking soda is very good at fighting infections that cause blackheads. Apply a mixture of baking soda with water to the area. Mix well to make it a thick paste. It loosens the skin around so that you can easily extract the stubborn blackheads.

Skin Whitener– it is a natural skin whitener. You can use natural facial wash with baking soda which helps to whiten skin naturally. You can scrub your skin gently with the paste of baking soda and water. Massage in a circular motion for 1 minute and rinse off with water. Thereafter, moisturize your skin with herbal moisturizer.

Absorb Sweat– baking soda is the best to deal with odor-causing bacteria hence, absorb sweat leaving you fresh and clean. You can apply directly to the skin by mixing it with talcum- powder.

Though baking soda is generally safe to the skin. However, if it causes irritation to some people, therefore, it is recommended to use patch test first before applying to the skin.

Take care!