Ricinus Communis is the scientific name of Castor Oil, also called Arandikatel in Hindi. Its main Origin is Africa and India. It is a remarkable substance packed with various benefits. It is not only limited to cooking oil, one can derive lots of benefits from it such as on hair and skin. Because of its skin care benefits, it is being used in many ayurvedic beauty products. Here, you will learn how and why castor oil is good for your skin.

1. Cleanses And Heals Acne– The presence of anti-bacterial fatty acids treat acne naturally. Castor oil does wonder the to the dry and acne prone skin by treating naturally.

2. Beautiful Lips– Castor oil is very beneficial for dry and chapped lips. Apply few drops of castor oil morning and evening. You can notice the result in just a few weeks. Castor oil makes your lips hydrated, smooth, and soft like never before.

3. Moisturizes– Castor oil naturally moisturizes your skin.  Mix few drops of castor oil and virgin olive oil in your palm. Thoroughly mix and apply to your face. Massage for few seconds so that it absorbs into the skin. After leaving for a minute wash your face with lukewarm water and apply natural face toner. This deep moisturizes your skin.

4. Fuller Eyebrows– Many of your complaint about your eyebrows. Sometimes you want fuller and dark eyebrows than light one. Just wipe your eyebrows with few drops of castor oil morning and evening. Regular use of castor oil definitely solves your problem. You will see the difference in few weeks only.

5. Fights Aging– Regular use of castor oil also reduces the signs of aging. Castor oil penetrated deep into the skin and stimulates collagen production. It delays signs of aging, reduces wrinkles, and fine lines makes the skin smooth, brighter, and younger.

Other beauty benefits of castor oil

 The application of coconut oil and castor oil together promote thick hair growth. You can massage your scalp with this mixture so that it penetrates deeper.
 Castor oil also helps to promote dark and long eyelashes. If you apply castor oil regularly
 Reduces pigmentation by clearing dark spots and patches. Doctors also recommend castor oil.
 Castor oil also prevents premature graying of hair
 Castor oil effectively treats ringworm.

Now, you know the benefits of castor oil. So, use this wonderful oil and avail the benefits. Stay free from any skin problems and be beautiful.