Winter skincare is a must during winters. Everyone knows that winter skin calls for attention much more than summer skin because it begins to irritate a lot. So, finally, winter has started. 
So can we talk about winter skincare?

Winter season is pleasant and cozy but when it comes to skin, it’s too harsh and flaky on the skin. Skin starts shredding or tearing, probably because of no matter how hard you try. Every winter, you must have tried a number of home skin hacks or products and some of them might have even floated your boat for a bit, but how do you know they’re not making your skin used to breathing in their conditioning only? 

Have you ever noticed why our skin gets dry and itchy during winters? 

Severe winter conditions beat your skin like hell. The cold atmosphere and low moisture dry out the air and your skin suffers accordingly. Also, hormonal changes, natural stressors, and utilizing unforgiving chemical-rich summer skincare products likewise add to dry and flaky skin. 

Harsh winter winds and dry indoor heat can make the problem worse and lead to cracked and even bleeding skin. Skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis may also flare up during these cold, dry months

This colder season, instead of just watching your skin break, strip, and turn brutal, keep it happy and sound with our winter skincare routine with the best winter skincare products.  Some best tips for dry skin are- 

1.       Avoid bath & cleansing with super-hot water 

Indian winter skincare routine is incomplete without bathing. Moreover, bathing with cold water in winters seems to be the biggest task ever.  First, hot water is the first priority to bathe but avoid super-hot water.  Instead, use lukewarm for the shower. Try to wash your face with normal water to increase the blood circulation of the face and further to balance the pH. 

Hot showers make skin flaky and dry quickly which may cause deep clacks and eczema. In an extreme case, if you use hot water then apply moisturizer immediately after bathing. This will lock the moisture and keep you soft and moisturized. 

2.       Add best skin care products 

Summer skincare products may make your skin sad. Winters need best beauty products that contain moisturizers, essential oils and perfect cleansers that are rich in moisturizing agents and antioxidants to avoid dryness and stripping of the skin. 

If you have any particular type of skin then please include the ingredients according to the skin type. 

Make sure to avoid peeling and alcohol rich products as they make the skin-irritating. 

3.       Don’t forget to exfoliate but just once in a week 

Try not to let your dead skin cells develop in the colder time of year. Use an Ayurvedic scrub to keep your skin smooth and better.  Also, choose the scrub range according to your skin type. 

How to take care of dry skin in winter

Exfoliation once per week is best for every skin. As it boosts the blood circulation and regenerates the cells for a better absorption rate. 

4.       Protect your skin with Sunscreen 

Skin needs protection from sun rays in winters too. UVA/UVB rays with cold and dry winds make skin dry and turn red due to photodamage. Choose the best sunscreen according to the skin type to protect the skin from damage. Sunscreens are the essential part of summer skin care but it’s important to include sunscreen especially in Indian winter skin care routine. 

Choose SPF 30 or SPF 50 for the long hour protection to feel pleasant all day long in winters. 

5.       Add Skin nourishing foods to your diet 

Perfect skin is about something beyond what you apply topically, it’s likewise about which nourishments you eat to sustain your skin. Add green vegetables, antioxidants, and nourishments like salmon and nuts that are wealthy in basic unsaturated fats, all assume a crucial part in hydrating your skin from the back to the front throughout the colder time of year.

6.       Keep hydrated 

During winters air is dry outside as a result it leads to water evaporation from the body. Additionally, in the colder time of year, we feel that we don’t need as much water. That is false by any means. Continue drinking water to stay comfortable from inside also. 

You can even add green tea and normal tea in the routine to cover-up the level of the water table in the body. 

7.       Invest in the Best Humidifier

The heaters give cosy warmth and sitting by the chimney might be ameliorating when you find some reprieve, however, this dry air can harm your skin. To keep your home and skin from drying out something over the top, keep the warmth lower when you can, for example, when you’re not home and when you’re resting. 

To keep your skin from losing an excessive amount of dampness because of the dry indoor air, probably the best thing you can accomplish for yourself and your skin is to put resources into a humidifier. Humidifiers add truly necessary dampness by dissipating a nonstop stream of steam into the air, which goes far in resuscitating dried skin. 

Winter care Products you can choose from 

Best skin care products

1.    Papaya & Hibiscus Moisturizer 

2.    Inveda Body Butter Cream 

3.   Inveda Sunscreen With SPF 50

Above are the best winter skin care tips to keep the skin moisturized and nourished. Enjoy winters and keep chilling.