The skincare industry is surging with blends of oils and essential oils. With skin benefits that prove beneficial for many skin issues. While there are too many choices to choose from, we are here to clear your confusion and give solutions to the skin issues that you are facing. 

We've got you covered, from defining and understanding to how to use them!

Essential Oils with Skin Benefits : What are Essential Oils?

When natural extracts from flowers, plants, seeds, and fruit peels. While Essential oils are natural concentrated oil. That give numerous skin benefits when mixed with carrier oils or other beneficial oil. So widely used in aromatherapy and skincare. While essential oils are the hero in your skincare cabinet, where they give your skin refreshment and make it youthful. 

What Does it Do for Skin/Body?

Essential oils give utmost benefit to one by added to skincare regimen or haircare products. Here are some of the excellent benefits of essential oils you are missing out on:

  • Boosts mood.
  • Reduces Stress
  • Relives Depression
  • Improves sleep.
  • Kills bacteria and viruses.
  • Reduces strain and pain.
  • Lowers skin inflammation.
  • Reduces nausea.
  • Relieves headaches.
  • Enhances immunity

When you know all about essential oils' skin and health benefits. While keep reading to find out which essential oil is the perfect pair for you and your beloved skin. 

5 Best Essential Oils that Give Amazing Benefits!

Here are some of the top 5 essential oils must-haves for giving a healthy skin.

Orange Essential Oil

When extracted from the rind of sweet orange, the orange essential oil is obtained by cold pressing. Various other parts of the orange plant, such as leaves and flowers, can also be used to get orange essential oil; this essential oil boosts immunity and adds glow to your skin. Not only significant in reducing stress or anxiety, but orange essential oil also is microbial and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. 

When you need to add a few drops of this magical essential oil to your diffuser and feel the energy surrounding you. When you are looking for some skin benefits, disperse this essential oil in a nano moisture sprayer, give the steam to your face, and see the difference!

We Recommend: Inveda Orange Essential Oil curated with 100% orange peel extracts with boosted benefits to your skin and health. 

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Scientifically backed with excellent benefits, tea tree oil is an all-rounder essential oil for your skin, hair, nails, and body. Extracted from the steam distillation of tea tree, this essential oil is anti-bacterial and used in most skin care products to treat acne. 

While essential oil can be a bit strong for your skin to take, one can mix a few drops of tea tree oil with olive or coconut oil and apply it to acne and scars for healthy, spotless skin! When mixed in shampoo or hair oils, one can see a noticeable difference in hair breakage and dandruff. 

We Recommend: From a range of wellness/essential oils, Inveda Tea Tree Oil is the right product you are looking for your acne/oily skin issues!

Lavender Essential Oil

Are you facing difficulty in sleeping and feeling anxious all the time? Lavender essential oil reduces depression, alleviates skin issues, reduces signs of aging, and has many more benefits! Extracted from Lavender Plant, this essential oil is mainly used for enhancing sleep and relaxing mood. 

If you are looking for relaxation with this fantastic oil, just a few drops into the diffuser and relax. You'll sleep in no time! That's the power of this beautiful essential oil. 

We Recommend: Inveda Lavender Essential oil is loved by all as it enhances mood and promotes sound sleep. 

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Every Indian household has a typical strong lemongrass aroma in massage oil or pain relief gel where you massage your sprains and strains to ease the pain. Lemongrass essential oil is extracted from a grassy plant used in herbal medicine. With a powerful citrus scent, this essential oil treats high blood pressure and reduces inflammation on the skin. 

To utilize lemongrass in aromatherapy, mix 10-14 drops of essential oil with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil (coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or jojoba oil). You can use this oil mix to ease the pain of your sprain and strain or relieve headaches and boost your mood. 

We Recommend: Made with 100% pure extracts of lemongrass stem and leaves, Inveda Lemongrass Essential Oil is a must-try. 

Rose Essential Oil

Being more than just lovers' ode and symbol, roses are more than flowers. With healing and anti-bacterial properties, rose essential oil is extracted from Damascena Rose and gives numerous benefits, from making skin glow to healing skin issues. This essential oil is all you need.

Ease your pain and stress with the help of rose aromatherapy by adding in a diffuser or directly applying by mixing it in a carrier oil to soothe and calm your skin. If you face menstrual cramps, mixing rose essential oil with almond oil and massaging it on your belly eases the cramps and alleviates your mood to feel happy and joyful. 

We Recommend: If you are looking for blends to give your dull skin's glow back, the Feel better blend is the right one. If you are looking for rose essential oil, Inveda Rose Essential oil gives back your skin's glow and fills it with radiance!

Where to Buy Pure/Best Essential Oils?

essential oils

As many of you have heard about the brands that give the best essential oils for skin issues and aromatherapy, Inveda is an-Indian origin brand that curates products for your needs by hearing your skin's demands. With various ranges such as Rasa, Wellness, Luxury, and many more, Inveda covers every need for your skin, hair, and body to enjoy natures' goodness bottled up for you!

The Bottom Line...

Essential oils have a significant role in easing pain and stress and giving numerous skin benefits. From its name, "essential," these naturally extracted oils are essential to uplift lifestyle and stay healthy from within.  

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