Rosewater is the combination of the beauty of roses and goodness of water. Rosewater is produced by the distillation of roses. It has lovely effects on almost all types of skin. Its versatility makes it a common component in household and beauty products. The natural glow and pink effect on the skin provided by rose water are really appreciable. There are many other benefits of using rose water for skin, hair and our body. I am sure you would like to find them out.

1. Tones Skin- Rose water is an excellent skin tone. It tightens the skin and shrinks the large pores just like any toner. It possesses the qualities of a good astringent and is best for oily skin. It can be used for other skin types as well.

How to use- Use some drops of rose water on a cotton ball. Now wipe your face with this cotton ball after washing the face. Use it as a toner.

2. Removes makeup- The makeup used these days is very stubborn and long lasting. The makeup used the entire day can be easily removed with the help of rose water. It works really well in removing the makeup just like a natural makeup remover.

How to use- Take some rose water in a cotton ball. Now add little amount of coconut oil to it. Use this mixture for cleaning the face and removing makeup.

3. Moisturises Skin- Skin is deeply moisturised and hydrated with the use of rose water. Rosewater is like a large store of moisture and thus hydrates the skin taking away all the dryness and skin damage. Due to its moisturising formula, it is being used in natural face creams and body moisturisers.

How to use- Add some rose water to your moisturising lotion or face cream. Apply this cream to nourish your skin.

4. Conditions Hair- Rose water is a great conditioner and can condition hair very well. The dryness makes the hair dry and frizzy. In order to nourish hair and get fine quality hair, one must use rose water as a constituent of the conditioning process.

How to use- Mix some rosewater and glycerine in equal proportions. Apply this mixture on the scalp and let it remain for 20 minutes. Wash with shampoo and get soft and nourished hair.

5. Treats Acne- There is good news for all the people who are suffering from the inflammatory and infectious problems like skin acne. Rose water not just cleans the skin but also treats acne issues and makes the skin clean and clear.

How to use- Use rose water with a face pack. Face packs like neem or tulsi pack or Multani mitti pack are best for acne prone skin. Mix it with the pack just like normal water. Now use this paste on your face. Let it stay for at least 15 minutes. Rinse off with clean water.

6. Refreshes Mood- The fragrance of rose water is beautiful like roses. It refreshes the face and vitalizes the skin. Along with this, it refreshes the body and uplifts the mood. It has enchanting effects on our body and can be used all day long!

How to use- Take a relaxing bath at the beginning or end of the day. Put some rose water in the water used for bathing.

7. Good for eyes- The tired eyes can be really annoying at times. You need to relax the eyes by treating them with rose water.

How to use- Use rose water drops to clean the eyes or take some rose water and spread it on cotton pads properly. Now place these pads on your closed eyelids and rest.
Using rosewater regularly is totally safe and healthy. Get rosewater which has no chemicals in it and give yourself a pinky glow. Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!