Comfrey is one of the most vital herbs found in nature. Comfrey is a herb with unique set of properties. It is a leafy plant which found mostly in US. This grows completely in sunlight. The roots and leaves of this herb used in the form of creams, ointments, an oils because of its medicinal properties. It is herb rich in medicinal as well as nutritional benefits. It is loaded with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, phytochemicals, and minerals, also contain tannin and allantoin which helps to promote new cell generation. It protects the skin from damage. Today we discuss various benefits of comfrey.

1. Skin Toning– Comfrey possesses astringent properties which helps to make skin tight and toned. Always try to use ayurvedic Toner to avoid any side effects.
2. Moisturization– Comfrey leaves oil is great which deeply moisturizes the skin, make it soft and supple. It is perfect for dry or sensitive skin. It is a natural moisturizer.
3. Removes Blemishes– This herb is known to remove dark spots and blemishes. Regular use of creams or oils based on comfrey makes your skin smooth, flawless, and spot free.
4. Cures Skin– It is able to diminish scars and spots of burns. Able to smooth rough and damaged skin.
5. Treat Skin Disorders– Comfrey is a powerful herb which has the tendency to treat psoriasis and eczema. Skin disorders which make your skin patchy, red, rough, and inflamed.

Comfrey provides several hair benefits too. The uses of comfrey make your hair thick and lustrous. Hence helps you to regain lost shine and health of your hair. You can try natural hair care products with comfrey as one of the important ingredients.
1. Restores Lost Shine– Topical use of comfrey helps you to restore lost sheen and volume of the hair.
2. Controls Hair Loss– It is one of the herbs which can miraculously reverse hair loss. Also makes your strands stronger. Reduces the possibility of further breakage. 
3. Natural Conditioner– Comfrey deeply conditions hair and helps in providing deep nourishment. Makes them silky soft.

Other benefits include: –
1. Relieves Pain– The anti-inflammatory properties of comfrey helps to relieve pain and soothes inflammation. It is also good in treating rheumatoid arthritis. 
2. Treat Throat Infections– Comfrey leaves used in gargles and mouthwashes to relieve ulcers. It also helps to clear cough and soothes sore throat. This is an effective herb. 
3. Helps In Digestion– Herbal tea used with comfrey helps in instant digestion and treat heartburn and acidity.
4. Diaper Rash– As baby skin is too delicate so we cannot apply any cosmetic cream available in the market. Baby rash cream with comfrey extract is best choice to relieve common skin problems like diaper rash. 

Now you have good reasons to go with products containing Comfrey. Hope this article was informative. Take care!