Glowing Skin! Bright Skin! Glowing Skin! How to get glowing skin at home. Also, it’s no big surprise that homemade face masks & ubtans have developed in notoriety throughout the years. They’re very easy to make and easy to use but sometimes difficult to collect the natural ingredients. In fact, the thing is that they provide instant glowing skin to our physical appearance. 

Lifeless, dull, uneven and splotch are some ugly words hope your skin never relates to these words. But when hormones, climate, or sun rays knock at our skin then these words are best suitable for the skin. 

Additionally, Dadi/ Nani’s nuskhe are very great and their recipes really hydrate skin, expel overabundance oils and help improve the presence of pores. Overall, they help to expel grimes & other dust particles. No matter the difficulty kitchen ingredients have all the solutions. So there’s no point to delay the DIY recipe for how to get glowing skin at home. 

Try any of these below home remedies for fair skin and glowing skin in mere 10 days. But first of all not to forget tips- 

  1. Avoid sun exposure, always avoid spending longer within the sun regardless of you’re wearing sunscreen or not. 
  2. Secondly, don’t overuse the remedies, for homemade scrubs & ubtans – use them twice a week. 
  3. Avoid overuse of citrus fruits on sensitive skin. 
  4. Don’t ignore your skin type- Always choose natural ingredients according to your skin type. furthermore, don’t pick the random ingredients. 
  5. Keep your hands away from your face- hands carry dirt, bacteria and that we touch approx. 6-7 times in the only span of an hour. Keep your hands OFF! 
  6. Drink 8-9 glasses of water daily to flush out the toxins of the body. 

Finally, the wait is over for the simplest DIY home remedies according to skin concern- 

1.  How to get glowing skin naturally in a week- DIY for dull skin

Due to the busy hectic life, we forget to care for the skin. So once you get 30 minutes to yourself, try these reviving face masks and watch your exhausted, dull skin blur away.

a. Yoghurt-Potato mask 

Ingredients required 

2 spoon potato juice + 1 tbsp. yoghurt + ½ tbsp. lemon juice

Direction to use 

Mix the ingredients in the clean bowl, 

Apply the paste evenly all over the face and neck, 

Leave it for 15-20 min, wash it off with cold water. 

Starch present in potatoes and antioxidants of lemon and yoghurt will drive dullness away instantly. 

b. Mint Yogurt Mask 

Ingredients required 

A handful of mint leaves (fresh) + 1 tbsp. yoghurt 

If you have oily skin then you can also add ½ tbsp. gram flour (besan) 

Direction to use

Blend a handful of fresh mint leaves and mix yoghurt to obtain a thick paste, 

Apply it all over the face & neck, 

Rest for 20 min and then wash it with warm water. 

Refreshing properties of mint leaves give a new refreshing experience to your dull skin quickly. 

How to get glowing skin at home,  Try one of these face packs tonight for a sure shot of freshness for your skin.

2. How to get glowing skin overnight- Face mask for instant glowing

There are various reasons why our skin doesn’t glow, hormones, pollution, melanin, and sunburns are the most cause. Basically, pollution has been a threat to one’s glamour, here are few traditional home-made packs for instantly glowing skin.

a. Turmeric face pack 

Ingredients required 

1tbsp. turmeric + rose water + 1 tbsp. gram flour 

How to make 

Mix the above ingredients and obtain a paste, 

Apply the paste all over the face or neck for 15 minutes, 

Rinse your face with normal freshwater and remove the paste while scrubbing. 

This is consider to be as a best as well as great pack for an instant glossy look, it boosts the blood circulation without any doubt. Moreover, which indirectly brings more oxygen to cells and skin glows automatically. 

b. Papaya face mask 

Ingredients required

Firstly you have to take, 3-4 pieces of ripe papaya + ½ tbsp. lemon + 2 tbsp. honey

Direction to use 

Mix the above ingredients altogether and blend it well to get a paste, 

At last, apply the paste all over the face & neck for 20 minutes and let dry, 

Wash it off with tap water and pat dry. 

This homemade recipe imparts instant rejuvenation to the skin and provides instant glowing and fresh skin. 

3. Homemade face mask for acne

Half of the generation is suffering from this unwanted acne problem. But you know it can be cured with the best home remedies to reduce the consequences. 

a. Tomato Mask 

What you need

First of all take the pulp of ½ ripe tomato + 1tbsp. oats + pinch of turmeric 

How to use

Combine the pulp with the other 2 ingredients and obtain a paste, 

Apply the paste and massage it for 2 minutes and then keep it for 10- 15 minutes until it gets dry, 

Afterwards, Wash it off with normal water and pat dry. 

Oats scrub away the dead cells and impurities altogether.

b. Aloe Vera Mask 

 Tomato work on the oily and dark spots. 

Ingredients required 

1 tbsp.  Aloe Vera gel + 1 tbsp. yoghurt + ½ tbsp. Neem powder 

How to use 

Firstly, Mix the above trio in the clean bowl and get a paste, 

Secondly, apply the paste all over the face and rest for 15 min, 

Thirdly, Wash it off with normal water. 

Aloe Vera lends an instant freshness to the skin and Neem and yoghurt work on the active acne to dry it. 

4. Face mask for oily skin

a. Egg white mask 

Ingredients needed- 

½ tbsp. lemon juice + 1 tbsp. Honey + 1 egg (egg white only) 

How to use 

Firstly, mix the trio in the bowl, 

Secondly, apply it all over the face with the help of a brush, 

Keep it for 15 min, 

Later on, Wash it off with warm water 

Additionally, protein in egg repair the damaged skin and anti-bacterial and anti-oxidants in honey and lemon fights the acne-causing bacteria and helps in lightening the acne marks. 

5. Overnight face mask for glowing Skin 

a. Oats & Honey face mask

Ingredients required 

2 tbsp. oats + 2 tbsp. Honey 

How to use 

Previously, mix oats and honey and leave the mixture for 10 minutes for rest, 

Apply it all over the face and leave it overnight because it repairs the dull skin and provides nourishment while you’re sleeping. 

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Try the above shot sure remedies for a celebrity like glowing skin. For more beauty tips visit