A cleanser is a gel like substance that cleans the skin pores deeply and thoroughly. The natural ingredients present in a cleanser are responsible for cleaning the dirt, impurities and excessive oil secreted in the skin. Generally, we wash our face two times a day. It is suitable for dry skin but it is not done in case of combination or oily skin. Let us discuss the time to wash the skin.

1- Early morning wash– Wash your face after getting up from sleep in the morning. First clean your face gently with water. Make sure you splash water properly on your eyes to remove the dirt deposited in the eyelashes. You can avoid using a cleanser during this wash as washing face at this time is a way of waking up your nervous system and skin after a long sleep.

2- Morning wash– Clean your face with a cleanser during the bath. Use a cleanser this time. Wet your face with water. The water should not be too hot or too cold. Now take a little amount of cleanser on your hand and apply it to the face. With the help of the fingers, massage it on the face. Continue rubbing for few seconds and then rinse carefully avoiding the entry of cleanser in the eyes.

3- Noon Wash– Face wash during noon around 2 p.m. is required to wash off the accumulated sweat, dirt and dust particles on the face. Use a mild cleanser. People with dry skin can avoid washing face at this time. This is because their skin does not produce excess of oils that attract dirt and dust. So basically, this wash is required by the people with oily skin. Cleanse your face in the same manner mentioned in point 2.

4- Evening time– It feels like a trouble, but washing face in the evening is required. You can skip cleanser this time and use only water to wash your face. Splash a good amount of water and rub the face gently with fingers.

5- Night time– This is the time when you need to remove the daily wear makeup with makeup remover or cleansing milk. After this process, wash your face with a cleanser. Gently massage cleanser onto the damp skin for few seconds. Then rinse it with water.

Make sure you use a mild cleanser because using harsh products can affect the skin negatively. Try to hunt and choose cleansers with natural components. Always keep your nails in right position so that you do not hurt your skin while washing face.

Do not forget to apply moisturiser on the skin, every time you wash it. All those who have oily skin can use light moisturiser or astringent.

Do exfoliate your skin with a scrub at least once a week. People with oily skin should take care that they do not use a scrub frequently. Always use a clean towel or handkerchief to wipe your face.

I am sure, now you know the need to use a cleanser and the manner in which it needs to be used!
Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!