Papaya is very popular for its beneficial qualities. It is a plant that bears fleshy fruits. The fruits are eaten raw and ripe and used in various recipes as well. Papaya is rich in different types of carotenoids, polyphenols which can make our skin look flawless and beautiful. Papain is an element that is found in the skin of this fruit that brightens the complexion and brings glow on the skin. It is also rich in various vitamins and antioxidants that work magically for the benefit of our skin.

You can eat papaya in every season and also use it to take care of your skin. Eating papaya is simple but using it for our skin can be little different. Let us find out the ways in which papaya can be used for our skin.

1- Nourishes Skin- Papaya pulp is a wonderful item for people with dry skin. This is because it nourishes the skin deeply and takes away the dryness of the skin. The flaky and dry skin is easily treated with the help of this fruit. That is why it is used in various natural moisturisers available in the market.

You can use it in the following manner- Take some pieces of papaya and mash it properly. Now add one spoon of honey to it. Mix the honey and papaya properly so that it turns into a paste. Now apply this paste on the face and let it remain for 30 minutes. Wash with cold water.

2- Skin Brightening effects- Papaya fruit can keep you astonished with its skin brightening effects. For this, take some papaya and 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Mash the papaya pieces and add sandalwood powder to it. Mix the ingredients and turn them into a paste. Now apply this paste on the face. Apply this paste evenly on the face and neck. Keep it for 25 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. Use it every alternate day to feel the skin brightening effects.

3- Signs of Ageing- Reduce your age by doing away with the signs of ageing. Papaya can make it easy for you. It not only reduces the signs of ageing but also hydrates the skin. Take half peeled papaya and chop it. Now mash it and add ½ peeled banana and cucumber to it. Mix all these ingredients properly into a paste. Apply it all over the skin and let it remain for 25 minutes. Rinse it off. Repeat this process twice a week for better results.

4- Treats Eczema- Eczema is a skin disease that needs lots of care and attention. This disease is characterised by itching and redness of the skin. Papaya can be used to cure this disease as it is enriched with papain, an element that soothes skin and protects the skin from various impurities. Raw papaya is applied on the skin in such state to reduce itching and rashes. Eating papaya is also helpful in curing such skin diseases.

This is not all! Papaya is also useful in reducing wrinkles, treating tanned skin, controlling acne, treating dandruff, deep conditioning of hair and increasing immunity. After getting to know so many benefits of papaya, you can use papaya in a better way like never before! Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!