There are countless benefits of coconut oil on face. Coconut oil is a natural oil that, derives from matured coconuts. It has high levels of saturated fats. This oil is use in various items like food items, baked items, medicines, skin products, etc. It is edible oil and is really very healthy. Let us now get to know the unique benefits of coconut oil on face and health.

Some people get confused that how to eat coconut oil because they think that coconut oil uses for skin only.

In southern states, they know all the benefits of coconut oil on face and additionally the things that what is coconut oil good for. 

1. Improves Digestion-

The coconut oil is highly beneficial for the digestive system. Its antibacterial properties help to fight the bad bacteria and improve digestion. If you are also that how to eat coconut oil then just include 2 -3 spoon of oil in your daily dies. You can add it in the daily salad or chutney. It improves digestion and good for weight loss too as it doesn’t contain unhealthy fats. 

2. Soothes Psoriasis and eczema-

The miraculous benefits of coconut oil can see in curing skin issues like psoriasis and eczema. It helps in reducing the redness of the skin and relaxes the body of itching.

3. Induces sleep-

Coconut oil helps to sleep better. When coconut oil is to taken regularly, it improves the sleep. It can also be used for hair and body massage. This relaxes the body and induces sleep.

4. Deodorant-

This oil has natural antibacterial properties which help in fighting body odour. This is a complete herbal solution for those who are allergic to chemical-based deodorants.

5. Acts as the sunscreen-

How to use coconut oil on the face. Coconut oil acts as a shield against the sun. It protects from the sun and prevents burning of the skin. But now most of you are thinking that does coconut oil darken skin then the answer is NO. But if you wear it in the sun rays then may it affects a little. 

6. Scrub-

When used with sugar, coconut oil can also be used for scrubbing the skin. This removes the dead skin cells and nourishes the skin. It exfoliates and moisturises the skin at the same time. People also use coconut oil for skin whitening. 

7. Treats rashes-

This oil is very effective in treating skin rashes in adults. The diaper rashes of the babies can also be treated at home with this oil.

8. Lip balm-

One can make lip balm at home with coconut oil. It heals the chapped lips and moisturises lips. Lip balms with delightful fragrance, made at home are great to use with.

9. Oral hygiene-

It is very good for oral hygiene. When mixed with baking soda and peppermint, it can use to whiten teeth, maintain healthy gums and fight bad breath.

10. After shave lotion-

Coconut oil has been proving to be very effective as an aftershave lotion. It can prevent skin irritation after razor cuts. Dab a cotton ball in coconut oil and rub over the cuts and wound. It can even use as a shaving cream. To do this, just rub some oil over the area to be shaved and then shave smoothly.

I am sure now you would love to use coconut oil in your daily life and see its phenomenal qualities. Keep smiling Keep Glowing!!