Hey peeps, are you searching for how to use green tea for skin. If yes, then continue to read to know about benefits of green tea for skin. In fact, Green Tea is a type of tea which creates by the process of oxidation of leaves of camellia sinensis. It is a beverage just like coffee, tea but its lower content of caffeine makes it a better and healthy drink. In fact this liquid contains natural antioxidants which are very strong called polyphenols and Moreover, which help in benefiting the health of the skin, hair and other body organs.

Green tea can easily be grown at plantations, forests, home. Additionally, it needs sunlight, water, porous subsoil. Moreover, acidic soils with low calcium content are most suitable for the growth of tea leaves.

Why it is popular to use??

We have discussed the most important nutrients present in green tea like how we can get best benefits of green tea for skin. Now let us discuss how these nutrients help our body and the need to use green tea in our daily life.

Benefits of Green Tea for skin and hair

Burning of fat-

Basically, green tea is best known as a fat reducing natural supplement. Also, the metabolic rate of the body increases with the regular consumption of green tea which in turn helps in the burning of fat.

Brain Activity- 

The low caffeine content in green tea keeps the brain alert. Other than caffeine, green tea contains flavonoids and amino acid L-theanine which stimulates smooth functioning of the brain. Some studies reflect that green tea can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Isn’t it amazing!


Additionally, green tea has antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria and viruses in our body. It improves our immunity and lowers infections in the body.

Bad breath- 

Dealing with the unpleasant breath can be a difficult task. Catechins present in green tea can help reduce bad bacteria in the mouth. This helps in controlling the bad breath and improves oral health.

Healthy skin- 

Green tea can contribute in making the skin healthy. The antioxidants in the green tea are beneficial for the skin. Also, if you are finding the solution for how to use green tea for acne then add green tea in your routine. These chemicals repair the skin and protect against the sun. Green tea is also helpful in curing skin inflammation and skin allergies. Buying beauty products like beauty creams, anti-ageing creams with green tea extracts should prefer for treating skin problems.

Promotes Hair Growth- 

Hair growth is also enhanced with the consumption of green tea. It helps in reducing common scalp problems like dandruff, hair fall, etc. It also helps in curing major scalp infections like psoriasis.

Some other benefits of green tea are-

  1. Helps in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol.
  2. Helps in reducing joint pain.
  3. Calms down the mind and relieves the body from stress.
  4. Makes liver healthy.
  5. Reduces the risk of diabetes.

Hope you inculcate the good habit of drinking green tea in your daily routine and derive various benefits. Keep smiling. Keep Glowing!