Summer is around the corner and summer makeup tips are here for you.

Do you have an urgent meeting or you want to get ready for the party in 15minutes?

I know it feels little difficult getting make up done in 15minutes but I have some quick summer makeup tips to solve this problem. Here I am providing the most important makeup tips that not only can do in 15 minutes but can also make you look like a glam doll!

1- Get rid of old makeup- for best makeup for summer heat 

Basic makeup tips and tricks start with the wipe of old makeup. So first of all remove the makeup done in the morning completely. The stains of old makeup can spoil your look. For this take a good quality cleansing milk or a mild oil on a cotton ball and wipe your face with it. This step is very important to get creaseless makeup. A good base will help you put on fresh makeup beautifully.

2- Wash your face- 

Summer makeup routine starts with washing of the face first. The next step is to remove the dirt and bacteria from the face. For this wash your face. Try to use a cleansing face wash to clean the skin deeply and remove sweat and greasy makeup particles left. This process will help in getting rid of acne and pimple breakouts. Apply some toner and then some moisturizer as per your skin type.

3- BB cream- 

Nowadays BB creams are available in the market for different complexions. Include BB in your summer makeup routine. You can use one as per your complexion. It can use instead of concealer and foundation. Basically, it reduces the effort of using primer, concealer and foundation. Three steps are eliminating by using just one BB cream. You can go for matte or fair colour as per your need. This will consume less time and give you a fair look as BB cream blends amazingly well with the skin. For summer makeup tips best BB plays a vital role. 

4- Eye Makeup- 

Summer makeup look is incomplete without Eye Makeup. For quick eye makeup, start with gel eye liner. Such liners tend to spread easily and stay for long hours. After liner, apply kohl until the eye corners to get majestic dark eyes. In case you have time, catch up some mascara. Time will save and your eyes will be ready to woo the world.

5- Lip colour- 

Urgent meetings or dates or parties demand quick lip makeup but you should never compromise with the lip makeup. Moisturise your lips with a lip balm. Then, outline the shape of your lips with a lip liner. Fill in the lip colour or lipstick with a brush. Try using matte colours for day time and rich glossy colours for night time. Also, try to put colours in contrast with your dress to get the attention to your lips.

I hope above summer makeup tips are the best summer makeup routine for you to look hot and bold.