Welcome to the season of scorching sun that makes you tanned and sweaty. While summers are not the same for all, your skin may break out and cause you unwanted problems. Hence, building up a summer skin care routine is essential for all skin types so that you can glow even in hot summer!

Now get summer-ready with 10 easy tips that we will share with you so that your glow never fades.

What does sun exposure do to your skin?

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Human body uses sunlight to create essential vitamin that is vital for bone formation. But excessive sun exposure on skin can cause major damage and cause formation of free radicals that is responsible for aging and wrinkles. When our skin has prolonged exposure to harmful sun rays, it products more melanin and cause skin to loose hydration and elasticity causing tan and aging. Here are some of the effects that your skin faces due to harsh sun rays.

Causes Sunburn

Sunburn is caused due to untimed stay in sun that caused skin to be inflamed and irritated making it look red or pink. Not wearing sunscreen or having adequate protection from sun causes this redness and swelling on the skin.

Acne due to Excess Sebum 

It is common for oily and combination skin owners to produce excessive sebum due to temperatures and humidity rise. Sebum contains essential lipids and fats to protect your skin from drying out. Excessive in nature causes your skin to get clogged, causing acne.

Gets Skin Tanned 

When you are exposed in sun for longer period of time, your skin produces extra melanin and loses its hydration, hence getting tanned. One of major reason people get tanned is due to UV radiation. Getting out in summers should be avoided as it only takes as short as 15 minutes for your skin to get tanned in summer.

Speeds up Aging

UVA rays are responsible for your skin to age. They cause your skin to break down the collagen and important fibers and cause aging. As dry skin is more prone to aging, sun rays and lack of nourishment are the culprit making you look aged.


Harmful UVA/UVB rays can cause hyperpigmentation to skin. Hyperpigmentation are darkened patches on skin that makes your face to look uneven. Therefore, making summer skin care routine is vital so that your skin stays protected and healthy.

Easy Summer skin care routine tips 

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Looking for easy solution to fight heat waves this summer season? Here are some of the summer skincare tips that you can add to your summer skincare routine so that you can glow with grace

Rub ice 

Ice rubbing helps to soothe your inflamed skin and soothe easily. While icing your face, never directly rub ice to your face. Take a cotton cloth and keep ice in it. Rub it on face for soothing effect. To avoid sunburns in summer, wear sunscreen all the time as it protects and moisturizes your skin.

Cleansing twice a day 

While face cleansing can remove dirt and sebum from skin, cleansing skin twice in day quickly eliminates makeup without irritating skin. So, even if you don't feel the need for cleansing in night, your skin does. Just choose an appropriate cleanser that is non-comedogenic to prevent any breakout, and you are good to go.

Wear Sunscreen. Everyday. 

Sun protection, sunscreen are savior's for your skin and essential part of summer skincare routine for oily skin. Wearing sunscreen has so many benefits that you haven't heard of! From slowing down aging and moisturizing skin, this amazing skincare product gives nourishment with soothing feel to your skin.

Vitamin C Serums 

Summers and Vitamin C are always closely related as vitamin c is part of every skincare enthusiast's summer skincare routine. Therefore, adding vitamin c serum boosts radiance and heals your skin from issues that you are facing.

Face Masks 

Face masking is fun for all skin types as it soothes, nourishes and balances sebum by making skin feel refreshed! As there are many face masks in market, french red clay masque is boon for all skin types as it gives silky feel and even skin texture by making skin smooth and soft.

Use hydrating toner 

Toning skin is the 2nd step to any summer skincare routine for dry skin and gives hydration and balances pH. Now-a-days, there are toners specifically designed for skin issues and gives amazing results by hydrating and giving multiple benefits' to skin. Henceforth, toners are best friend for your skin during summers and soothes skin.

Wear light, non-sticky moisturizer

Moisturizers are the hydrators for the skin that enhances skin's hydration and moisturization to give the natural glow. During the summers, light-weight moisturizers stays on skin for longer run as it doesn't clogs pores and gives it intense hydration as it its non-sticky and water-based.

Exfoliate twice in week

Exfoliation is process where you remove dead skin cells along with blackheads and whiteheads. Also, during summer time gives clogged pores to many, exfoliation makes sure that your skin stays healthy and nourished so that your skincare works better.

Keep body lotions handy

Body protection is must as nobody loves uneven tan on body and sunburns that hurt. Body lotions are hydrating in nature as it gives nourishing effect and keeps skin soft from outside. If you run out of lotions, just add aloe vera gel to equal parts of water in spray bottle. It helps your skin to stay hydrated and nourished while giving soothing feel.

Say NO to heavy makeup

Nobody wants to look sweaty in their makeup, right? Therefore, when, its summer time, get ready to glow with skincare and natural products instead of clogging makeup that causes your further breakouts. Hence, ditch heavy makeup with light skincare that makes your natural skin glow.

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Key Takeaways

Summer times are here and its time to change your skincare to summer skincare routine so that your skin stays healthy and breakouts-free. A healthy diet, good amount of exercise and right skincare regimen are all you need if you want your skin to glow and stay hydrated.