The world of skincare consists of all kinds of suggestions, skincare myths, facts, solutions & so on. If your skin always faces breakouts or needs constant attention. You might need a good skincare routine which consists of healthy products and simple remedies that’ll make you glow. While there can be many skincare myth that you are following unknowingly and is secretly ruining your skin.

Here are skincare myth busters that will make your life easier and skin more glowing!!


Skincare Myth: Warm water helps to deeply cleanse face.

Fact- Hot/warm water strips away the natural oils from face and your body as well. It is advised not to follow this practise every day.

As warn water tends to strip away natural sebum which is moisturizer for your skin. Since, the winters are mostly concern for people, make sure that you use lukewarm water and avoid hot water to wash or shower. 

Myth: Not washing your face causes acne

Fact- Acne has many causes and factors. Not washing alone isn’t the factor for acne.

Acne is one of the common skin issue and people who face acne are often advised to cleanse twice or thrice in a day making them cleaner or skin more breathable. Clogged pores and comedogenic products are addition to acne causing bacteria and blackheads. Thus, acne is not at all connected with how frequently you wash your face in a day.

Myth: If you have dry skin, you don’t need scrub

Fact- All skin types needs exfoliation on regular basis for skin to stay healthy and glowing.

While exfoliation helps in getting rid of dead skin, it also helps to smoothens the texture. While for the dry skin, it is extremely beneficial in getting rid of gunk and experience softer and plump skin.  AHA and BHA are quite common exfoliants that are used by people of all skin types.

Myth: Oily skin owners need no moisturizers and serum

Fact- Skipping moisturizer tends to give production of more sebum on skin making it oilier.

All skin type needs moisturizer and serums to tackle skin issues. While skin needs hydration all the time, it also needs nourishment in form of topical moisturizers. Just remember to not to overdo it! A pea sized amount of moisturizer is enough to hydrate your face & neck to give hydration. As there are many skincare hydration products available to tackle skin problems according to age and issues, moisturizers are just as important as washing your face to make sure it is healthy.

Skincare Myth: You don’t need anti-aging products before you are 40

Fact- You need to start your anti-aging products in early 30s or after you turn 25 to delay signs of ageing.

As we age, our skin loses elasticity and hence, the moisturization, hydration is also reduced. This makes our skin prone to fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and saggy skin that is deprived of hydration. However Inclusion of night skincare regimen and hydrating serums are must if you are looking to delay and fight signs of aging with natural skincare. Anti-aging products are specially curated to hydrate skin and refine it to make skin plump and look young.

Skincare Myth: Sunscreen is only for winters

Fact- You need apply sunscreen all year round and re-apply as well.

There are many myths around the sunscreen that is very famous among the people regarding sun protection and it is clear that not wearing sunscreen makes skin age faster and more prone to sun damage! Whenever you go out in sun, you might damage your skin by making it prone to UVA/UVB rays. Sunscreen form protective barrier on your skin and helps to reduce signs of ageing as well. So, apply your sun protection all-round the year and re-apply sunscreen every 4-5 hours for outmost protection!

Skincare Myth: Makeup clogs your skin’s pores

Fact- There can be certain ingredient in the makeup that can be comedogenic while in general, makeup doesn’t clog your pores.

In skincare and makeup there’s a term which is often emphasized; comedogenic and non-comedogenic. In a simpler terms, it means if the particular product clogs your pores or not. If a product is prone to clog pore or not. Next time use non-comedogenic products that won’t clog your pores.

Skincare Myth: Home remedies are easier way to tackle skin issues

Fact- There’s no proof of working of home remedies to reduce skin problems.

Skincare products are designed to specifically tackle skin issues making skin naturally healthy and beautiful. While you cannot rely on homemade DIYs and remedies to get rid of skin problems, it is vital to get a skincare regimen designed for your skin for flawless glow. Therefore, whenever you are having any kind of skin problem, don’t go into kitchen looking for solution, instead, get a minimal routine that protects and nourishes your skin.


Concluding that….

Your skin is one of the most exposed part on the body and needs constant care and attention instead of following skincare myth. Build your healthy skincare routine with Inveda’s natural skincare range that is designed to give solution to your skin issues and build healthy lifestyle through natural ayurvedic skincare products.