Going to the gym is good for overall health but working out doesn’t allow you to ignore your skin. Don’t compromise your skin health. With certain tips and tricks, you can make sure to maintain the glow of your skin. You obviously try to make sure to look fresh and feels best while doing exercise. Here are some of the skincare tips for Gym addicts.

Pre Workout

1. Cleanse properly. Before workout remove all your makeup. Exercising with makeup can clog up pores. As makeup ingredients can be mixed up with sweat which can easily clog pores. So, avoid wearing makeup. Use a mild or natural cleanser for this purpose.
2. If you are going out then don’t forget to wear moisturizer with good SPF, which protects your skin from UV rays. Use only lightweight product.

During Workout
1. Always carry a pack of anti-bacterial wipes with you to clean excess sweat and dirt. It helps you to protect your skin from catching up with bacteria or infection from your Gym mates. 
2. Do not wipe off your face with your hands while exercising, instead, use a towel or face tissues.
3. Be hydrated during exercise, to retain the moisture you are losing as you sweat. For having a glowing complexion, it is important to stay hydrated. Keep your own bottle of water with you.

After Workout
1. Change your sweaty clothes instantly so that your skin can breathe.
2. Do not jump into for hot water shower, as it can rinse off the natural oils of the skin. Instead take short Luke warm shower.
3. After shower apply a mild body moisturizer or body oil to retain natural moisture of the skin to boost nourishment.
4. Skin is the most sensitive area of the body part. So do not overload it with extra moisturizer and other products. Too many products could provide itchiness.

Keep your bag ready with facial tissues, water bottle, clothes fit for exercise, moisturizer, cleanser, a pair of extra clothes and a mild cleanser. Exercising not only helps you to maintain physical health but it also helps to make your complexion glowing.

Take care!